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The Cast of Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’: Then and Now

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“Love Is Blind” premiered on Netflix in 2020, introducing a group of likable stars that quickly became household names across the United States. One year after its debut, find out what the cast is up to.

Netflix couldn’t have chosen a better time to release the reality series, “Love Is Blind.” The heartwarming show came at a time when the world normalized the idea of online dating and blind hookups, no thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.


The series, which debuted in February 2020, followed thirty contestants, male and female, as they tried to date each other without actually seeing the supposed partner. The goal was to watch the fifteen couples get to know each other and fall in love with their respective partner.

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As per the rule of the show, only contestants who eventually fall in love and become engaged would finally earn the chance to meet the other person physically. Once the introductions are out of the way and relatives give their blessings, the lucky lovebirds end up at the altar, to exchange vows and commit to each other for life!

Photos from the wedding of the final two couples on "Love Is Blind" | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Naturally, everyone looked forward to having the ultimate couple make it to the altar. Having accomplished that at the end of the first season, viewers became even more curious to know how long the marriages would last.

Although the show premiered in 2020, the actual filming commenced in 2018. By implication, each contestant had over a year to explore their newfound relationships even before the series hit the big screen.

As Netflix gears up to release “Love Is Blind,” season 2, find out juicy details about the most prominent cast of season one, including which couples are still together!


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Prior to embracing reality TV as part of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind,” Jessica Batten worked as a regional manager in Illinois. The 35-year-old piqued the interest of viewers with her seemingly toxic demeanor and indecisiveness.

Thankfully, she finally made her pick between Mark and Barnett, turning down the latter. Sadly, she also walked away from Mark on the altar at the last minute, marking the end of their love journey.


Jessica’s TV partner Mark Anthony worked as a fitness instructor in Chicago before appearing on “Love Is Blind.” 

After the show, the 25-year-old returned to the gym to live out his post-Jessica days. Eventually, he moved on and settled with girlfriend, Aubrey Rainey. The pair are expecting a baby.

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Who wouldn’t love the love pair of Amber and Barnett? Before the show, Amber Pike, who once served as a military tank mechanic, made a living as a cocktail waitress.

Her days on the show highlighted her and Barnett’s love story, which eventually led them down the aisle. She and her hubby were one of only two couples on the series that eventually tied the knot.


Matt Barnett, 28, was a Georgia-based engineer before his rise to fame on “Love Is Blind.” Now married to Amber pike, the duo celebrated their second wedding anniversary on November 18, 2020. They are going strong to date.


African-American beauty, Lauren Speed was one half of the all-time favorite couple on the Netflix series. The 33-year-old content creator from Detroit easily made her way into people’s hearts with her intense show of love and vulnerability.

During the season’s finale, Speed and her soulmate, Cameron Hamilton said their “I dos,” and are still going strong to date. Her fame on the reality show has also opened her to more opportunities, including a hosting gig for a new MTV show, “Match Me If You Can.”


29-year-old Cameron Hamilton found love on the show thanks to his blind hookup with Lauren Speed. Outside the show, Hamilton is just a “jockey” scientist from Maine, and now runs a YouTube series alongside his wife.

The couple also co-wrote a book called “Leap Of Faith.


Kelly Chase spent her time on the show nurturing her relationship with Kenny Barnes. The 34-year-old worked as a health coach before the show and has garnered an impressive fan-following ever since.

Despite having millions of viewers rooting for them, Kelly called it quits with her TV lover at the season’s finale. According to her, she changed her mind about getting married because she felt no overwhelming attraction towards Kenny.


After giving his relationship with Kelly another chance off the screen, the reality stars realized they were better suited as just friends. Hence, he moved on to Alexandra Garrison, eventually popping the big question.

During the “Love Is Blind” special reunion episode, Barnes dished on his new relationship, also disclosing his affiliation with Brawl for a Cause.


Carlton Morton is a 35-year-old smooth-talker who made a living from social media marketing. His stint on “Love Is Blind” seems to have boosted his career in more ways than one, garnering him a stronger social media presence.

Relationship-wise, Carlton was not so lucky. After appearing so in love for weeks, even becoming engaged, he and Diamond’s love story ended in an explosive breakup.


Diamond Jack is a former NBA dancer who has found a more successful path since her stint on the Netflix series. While on the show, she dated Carlton, with their relationship availing viewers some of the best screen-time. Despite giving it her best, their romance was just not meant to be.

Since the show ended, Diamond, 28, has returned to school to obtain a Ph.D. in optometry. Way to keep all the options open!


Giannina Gibelli put on quite the show during her short-lived romance with fellow contestant Damian Powers. The 28-year-old blonde, who runs a retail business and loves to travel won hearts with her outgoing nature, infectious smile, and optimism.

Weeks after admitting to her onscreen beau that their sexual chemistry was one-sided as she didn’t reciprocate it, Gianna eventually came to terms with her feelings.

But the realization hit her moments too late. Powers turned her down on the altar, in a rejection that seemed more like a retaliation.

Interestingly, the duo rekindled their relationship off the screen. Given their mostly similar posts on social media, it appears the couple is still together two years down the line.


Damian Powers was the general manager of a firm before earning a spot on the Netflix reality series. He fell in love with Gibelli on the show and willingly popped the big question, earning him the chance to finally see her.

Their instant chemistry left fans anticipating the highlights of the “Love Is Blind” stars’ relationship after sealing their union on the altar. Sadly, Powers developed gold feet moments before saying “I do.”

Despite his seeming phobia for commitment, his love for Gibelli remained undeterred. During the special reunion episode which aired in March 2020, Powers admitted they took their romance off the screen.

While other couples also made an impact on the show, these twelve contestants were among the few who eventually fell in love, and earned the pass to carry on physically.

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