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‘The Brady Bunch’s Maureen McCormick Turned to Drugs after the Show: Inside Her Bumpy Career Path

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On-screen, Maureen McCormick was an epitome of perfection, mirrored in her character on “The Brady Bunch,” Marcia Brady. However, the actress was a far cry from perfect in real life.

If Jan knew the off-screen version of her sister, perhaps their characters would have perhaps gotten along more easily. Instead, “The Brady Bunch” middle girl child, like the rest of the world, was stuck with the extraordinary perfection that was Marcia Brady.

For five seasons, viewers got to witness the beautiful, sweet and talented first daughter of Carol Brady glide her way through life as a teenager and one of six kids making up a blended family.

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Away from the cameras, the Marcia role player Maureen McCormick was an entirely different being. McCormick’s reckless side soon led her down a path her onscreen alter ego would never have taken.

Ultimately, she fell victim to questionable vices that gave her career a hard hit, setting her on a bumpy road to success.

Who Is Maureen McCormick?

Maureen McCormick is an actress and singer, best known for her role as Marcia Brady in the 70s sitcom “The Brady Bunch,” and some of its spinoffs.

Born in August 1956, in Los Angeles, California, the star had an early start in showbiz. Her parents  Irene and Richard McCormick, supported her career from the onset, enrolling her for auditions and beauty pageants as early as six.

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She eventually landed gigs to appear in Mattel commercials for Barbie dolls and the likes. Before long, the child star began landing roles in films and television shows.

Some of her earliest on-screen appearances include “Halloween,” “Bewitched,” My Three Sons,” “The Farmer’s Daughter,” “I Dream Of Jeannie,” and “Honey West” among others.

Big Break On “The Brady Bunch”

In 1969, at the age of fourteen, McCormick landed her breakthrough role as Marcia, the eldest of four siblings in the ABC sitcom, “The Brady Bunch.”

As Marcia, she maintained the ideal persona of the perfect teenage girl. Maybe too perfect, so much that she rose to become one of the most sought-after celebrities of the seventies.

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However, what many did not realize at the time was that the angelic teenager was battling personal demons of her own during the show’s stint.

Coping with Anxiety

The icon once opened up about her private struggles with anxiety and insecurity which plagued her throughout the show’s run.

She attributed some of these struggles to her disastrous childhood growing up with a dad who constantly cheated on, and abused her mother. The ordeal left her nursing the fear that constantly gnawed at her as a teenager.

Yet, she braced herself up, remained in control of her character, recorded four albums with “The Brady Bunch Cast,” went solo at some point, and established herself as a renowned actress and famed songstress.

Who Has Maureen McCormick Dated?

Notwithstanding her struggles, the Marcia roleplayer tried to be as normal a teenager as possible. She sustained relationships, had crushes, and basked in her popularity.

McCormick has been open about her relationship with co-star Barry Williams, who played her on-screen brother. Notably, she also had a thing for older men, famously admitting her crush on her onscreen dad, Robert Reed whom she describes as her biggest crush.

The knowledge that he was gay in real life did not deter the teenager from developing the hots for him or hoping he’d someday reciprocate her affection, so they could run off together. None of that ever happened, thankfully.

McCormick’s Life After The Show

“The Brady Bunch” ran from 1969 to 1974 before going off-air, leaving viewers anticipating the sixth season. With no sixth season in tow, the fabulous cast of the hit sitcom had to go their separate ways, forging new paths.

Sadly, not all of them carved out fulfilling paths. Following the show, McCormick admittedly lost herself, adopting a hard-partying lifestyle.

The actress turned to drugs, including cocaine and quaaludes which got the better of her. She became addicted to the drugs, and when she could not afford them, the young actress began sleeping with her dealer to obtain her fixes.

Her lifestyle led to an unwanted pregnancy, which she lost. Eventually, she found herself dealing with depression, paranoia, and an eating disorder in addition to her out-of-control drug use. These vices ultimately sabotaged her career.

Seeking Help

McCormick’s career began to suffer due to her numerous vices, with the star turning up on set high, flunking auditions, and losing her reputation for reliability as an actress.

Thus, her once blossoming career went on a downward spiral. She soon realized she needed help.

She went into rehab in the eighties to beat her addiction, sought therapy for her depression and bulimia. Through her stint in rehab, therapy, medication, and help from “The Brady Bunch” co-stars, the icon became clean again and ready to get her life back.

Maureen McCormick’s Later Career

McCormick went on to land minor roles in film and television, including “Return To Horror High,” “Herman’s Head,” and various “The Brady Bunch” spin-offs.

In 1994, she turned to Broadway, making her debut as Betty Rizzo on “Grease.” The star also released her debut studio album, “When You Get A Little Lonely,” which received negative reviews.

After a stint as Rebecca Crane on “Passions,” she embraced reality television, appearing on episodes of “Dr. Phil,” “Celebrity Fit Club,” “Gone Country,”  “Outsider’s Inn,” and “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here,” among others.

Following her 2019 appearance in HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation,” along with the other surviving cast, she earned a gig in the network’s home remodeling series, “Frozen In Time,” which geared off in 2021.

How Old Is Maureen McCormick Now?

Now 65, with over five decades worth of experience in showbiz, Maureen McCormick has a lot to say to her younger self.

In her autobiography, the former child star detailed her struggles as a young blossoming actress, including her regrettable path.

Luckily, the star never let those upheavals dictate the rest of her life. Instead, she beat her addictions, set her career on track once again, and married the love of her life, Michael Cummings, an actor.

The pair, who tied the knot in 1985 have enjoyed marital bliss ever since, and share a daughter, Natalie Michelle Cummings.

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