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The Ashley Piercing: All You Need to Know

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An Ashley piercing is an oral piercing located on the webbing between the upper lip and gums. It is on a completely different level from traditional lip piercings. 

This is because they are situated in less common and more unique areas. As a result, they call more attention. They also provide the owner with various options like studs, rings, or barbells. It is reportedly named after Ashley Simpson, who popularized the look in the early 2000s. 

The Ashley piercing (Source: Pinterest)

Do Celebrities Have Ashley Piercing?

Sadly, no mainstream celebrity boasts an Ashley piercing. However, that does not mean they don’t like piercings. Many stars have piercings, like Cara Delevingne. The gorgeous actress sports a labret lip piercing where she wears a ring or hoop.

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Christina Aguilera uses a labret piercing and a labret stud, while Cardi B has a horizontal labret lip piercing. The labret lip piercing involves two punctures made on the lower lip’s surface and connected by a straight or curved barbell.

What You Need To Know Before Getting the Ashley Piercing 

Here are facts to note before getting the Ashley piercing:

The Skin on the Lips Is Delicate

Compared to other parts of the human body, the skin on our lips is more delicate. It is true that lips have the same layers as the skin on different body parts, but the middle layer is thinner than normal skin. 

As such, your lips are more delicate. When pierced, it might be susceptible to migration and rejection. However, if everything is done properly, and there is no trauma during healing, you should not have any problems. This is why finding a reputable piercer is critical to get the Ashley piercing. 

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The Ashley Piercing Is Best for Full Lips 

The piercing is susceptible to rejection, so where it is placed is very important. Should the piercing be located too close to where the lips meet, it could cause problems. As such, full lips are best suited for the Ashley piercing.

Avoid Wearing Lipstick or Lip Balm While Healing the Ashley Piercing

When trying to heal any piercing, all products except for a sterile packaged saline piercing aftercare solution must be kept away from the area. The healing process that follows a piercing is very delicate, and most products contain chemicals that can irritate the piercing and trigger complications that delay healing. 

You must keep the timing of the piercing in mind and ensure that you can keep up with the aftercare practices for the time it takes to heal. 

The Ashley Piercing (Source: Pinterest)

What Are the Side Effects of Ashley Piercing?

The Ashely piercing goes from the outside to the inside of the lip, increasing the risk of infections. If you notice symptoms like prolonged swelling, redness, burning, itching, or intense pain, seek medical help, as it may be an infection.

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You might also suffer scarring. Scars could form if the jewelry irritated during healing, causing more skin trauma. Should this happen, it could make the piercing site a mess. However, scars are not harmful.

Another thing to watch out for is keloids that form if irritation goes unnoticed or untreated. Keloids are build-ups of scar tissue around the piercing site that aren’t painful but can grow large.

Finally, you may experience swelling. It is not uncommon for pierced lips to swell. You can anticipate it is happening with Ashley’s piercings. These kinds of piercings need to be changed as soon as they are fully healed because the bar a piercer uses is often longer than necessary to accommodate the swelling.

Ashley piercing (Source: Pinterest)

What Are the Risks of Getting an Ashley Piercing?

Some risks of getting this piercing include breaking your teeth on the jewelry, trauma from terrible scarring, and jewelry rejection. Due to the risks, it is important not to joke with aftercare practices following an Ashley piercing. If it heals properly, you get a new look that could make you the center of attention.

Piercings are exceptionally fashionable. Many stars like Demi Lovato have shown off theirs, while others have not debuted any. However, it may happen in the future. But like Jennifer Lopez, who got a fake piercing for her role in “Hustlers,” they might have to keep it artificial and impermanent as it could affect the roles they can take on in movies and drama.  

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