Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“Take Your Bad Vibes Elsewhere,” Restaurant Tells Actor Zachary Quinto

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Actor, Zachary Quinto was kicked out of a restaurant in Toronto following his disorderly conduct. The restaurant had taken to its social media account to report the incident while informing the public of the ban.

Zachary Quinto, 47 years old, is an American actor and film director. Quinto is known for his roles as Spock in the Star Trek trilogy and Skylar in the series “Heroes.” The restaurant named Manita, known for its Mediterranean style and cuisine, has announced that Quinto is no longer welcome on its grounds.

On Sunday, June 2, 2024, Manita posted the announcement on its Instagram story following the incident. According to the restaurant, Quinto was unruly and unnecessarily rude to the member of staff who had attended to him. He was accused of shouting and screaming at the hostess, which resulted in scaring other customers. Quinto had visited the restaurant for brunch that afternoon.

On their Instagram stories, they wrote that although Quinto was amazing as Spock, he was the exact opposite as a customer. He was accused of refusing to confirm his reservations despite the restaurant reaching him by text on two separate occasions. When he arrived, he tried taking an empty table, even though he was informed that the table had been reserved.

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According to the post, he proceeded to shout at the host, making the latter cry. The message ended with a warning to Quinto to go act like that someplace else. Additionally, they said that while the institution has hosted numerous famous people, he was not included in the list.

On Monday, June 3, 2024, the restaurant posted a picture of the story, speaking further on the issue. Manita had captioned the post, saying this would not be the first time they’ve had angry customers or the last. They also stated that they appreciated all their friendly and respectful customers.

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They ended their caption by saying that while they accepted criticism, they would prefer it be done in a better way. Quinto had been in Toronto for the weekend, in celebration of his birthday, which was on Sunday, June 2, 2024.

He had posted some images and videos to his Instagram account about his celebration. His images contain his visit to an amusement park and a dessert with a candle.

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The incident, which is threatening to become a PR disaster, has come at a rather delicate time. Quinto has just recently been cast as a neurologist in a new medical series titled “Brilliant Minds.” The show is set to release its first episode in the fall of 2024.

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Similarly, James Corden was banned from Manhattan’s Balthazar restaurant in 2022, for shouting at staff. Corden is the presenter of the former “Late Late Show.” 

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