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Sol Xochitl: Where Is Mike Tyson’s Former Girlfriend?

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Sol Xochitl is a former stripper and celebrity ex-girlfriend. She is famous as the former girlfriend of Mike Tyson. Born Michael Gerard Tyson, Sol Xochitl’s ex-boyfriend, is a prominent retired professional boxer from Brooklyn, New York City. His career peaked in 1985 and spanned till 2005.

Due to his prowess in the ring, he earned names such as Iron Mike, Kid Dynamite, and The Baddest Man on the Planet. Xochitl and the Baddest Man On The Planet were together during the early 2000s. During their relationship, they became parents to two children.

However, unlike Tyson’s other partners, Sol Xochitl didn’t enjoy the privileges of being in a relationship with a celebrity athlete. In addition, the former stripper experienced the darkest episode of her life while dating the boxer.

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Here’s everything we know.

A picture of Sol Xochitl's ex-boyfriend.
The retired heavyweight champion. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Sol Xochitl?

Sol Xochitl is a former strip dancer. She was born to her parents in 1975 in Mexico and is 48 years old. According to reports, Xochitl holds Mexican nationality and has a mixed-racial ethnic background. However, she prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight. Hence, the identity of her parents and siblings eludes the media. 

In addition, the former celebrity girlfriend has not revealed any details regarding her educational background and achievements. Since she prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight, there are no details regarding her early life and upbringing. Consequently, information regarding her life before dating American professional boxer Mike Tyson eludes the media. 

How Did Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson Meet?

Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson first met at a strip club in Phoenix, Arizona, where she worked as a stripper. Even though their relationship started as friends, Xochitl worked extra hard to see the relationship become successful. According to Tyson’s biography, Xochitl occasionally spoke with Hope, one of Tyson’s friends, about tips to make the retired boxer happy.

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In his biography, Tyson wrote, “She kept her house immaculate and did a lot of stuff with me. She was a fitness freak, so she’d run with me when I’d work out and run. I’d run five miles. She’d run ten. She’d always one-up me.” Although there are no details regarding when the two started dating, their platonic relationship soon turned romantic.

A picture of Sol Xochitl's former boyfriend, Mike Tyson.
Mike Tyson. (Source: Pinterest)

While dating, Tyson was swimming in bad debts of around $27 million. He owed $17 million to the IRS and the English tax authorities in back tax. The other $10 million was for personal expenses, including the money he owed his ex-wife, Monica, from their divorce settlement, his mortgages, and legal fees. Tyson revealed in his biography that he was so overwhelmed by the bankruptcy that he just gave up his house.

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion further explains how he had no fight scheduled but worked out anyway and got high. In the meantime, Xochitl and Tyson spent quality time together in Phoenix. However, their situation was so dire that they sometimes took Frosted Flakes and Twizzlers for dinner.

Who Are Sol Xochitl’s Children?

During their relationship, the couple welcomed two children, Miguel Leon Tyson and Exodus Tyson, out of wedlock, as the duo never tied the knot. Miguel was born on April 18, 2002. Unlike his father, who was a professional boxer, Miguel is an upcoming American musician. 

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Three years after the birth of their first child, the couple welcomed their daughter, Exodus, in March 2005. According to Tyson, the lovers had their kids while struggling financially. The boxer explains in his biography that he was going through a challenging financial situation and had no idea how to care for kids.

A picture of Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson's children.
Throwback photo of Sol Xochitl’s children. (Source: Pinterest)

What Happened to Tyson and Xochitl’s Daughter?

On May 26, 2009, Sol Xochitl and her then-partner would face the darkest moment of their life: the death of their daughter, Exodus. Their little girl was reportedly playing on a treadmill at their home in Arizona and somehow got tangled up in a cord. Consequently, she lost consciousness. Miguel found his unconscious sister tangled in a treadmill cord and called their mother. 

Xochitl, who was cleaning the home, then disconnected the cable, dialed 911, and attempted CPR on her. However, when first responders arrived, Exodus was still unresponsive; thus, they started life-saving attempts on her. Still unresponsive, they rushed Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson’s daughter to St Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center for further treatment. 

Mike Tyson was in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the accident. However, he immediately flew back to Phoenix, Arizona, where he found his daughter on life support. Unfortunately, Exodus Tyson succumbed to the cord injuries.

Where Is Sol Xochitl Now?

After the tragic incident of her daughter’s death, Sol Xochitl became a shadow of herself. Tyson writes in his book, “Undisputed Truth,” that she couldn’t even care for her other child, Miguel, after Exodus’ death. While there’s no denying she might still be mourning the loss of her four-year-old girl, the pain might have since lessened. 

However, Xochitl has kept her whereabouts private over the years. Since her breakup with Mike Tyson, she resumed her life away from the public’s attention. Although reports suggest that the former celebrity spouse still lives in Phoenix, they remain unconfirmed. Hence, like Millie Williams, Xochitl is another name once linked to a famous personality eclipsed into oblivion.

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