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Smile Dating Test: How Does It Work?

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With people staying at home and practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media platforms experienced a surge in usage. Hence, trends and tests started floating around on social media. Platforms like TikTok saw an explosion of dance challenges, personality tests, and red flag tests, to mention a few. The most recent to have gone viral is the smile dating test.

A smiley face relationship test that promises to reveal your deepest desires and help you find the perfect match has left the internet agog. From indicating that you have a ‘careful’ approach to dating to disclosing that you ‘fall in love easily,’ the test has been dubbed extremely accurate by users. 

With the hashtag #smiledatetest amassing over 600k views and the hashtag #smiletestchallenge having over 1.6 million views, the smile dating test has taken TikTok by storm. As a result, users are curious to know what the test is about.

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Here’s all you need to know about the viral trend that is fast becoming a yardstick for people to gauge their personality and dating style.

A picture of the Smile Dating Test Interface
The smile dating test. (Source: Pinterest)

What Is the Smile Dating Test?

The smile dating test is an online quiz that helps individuals determine their dating personality. It uses smileys to represent different Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) lover personas. Comprised of twelve questions, the smile dating test is associated with smileys that symbolize different MBTI lover personas. 

Smileys, also known as emoticons, are symbols or combinations of characters used to convey emotions or tone in written communication. With the rise of social media, it’s no surprise that many platforms offer a wide range of expressive smileys. The commonly used ones include the love-eyed emoji “😍” and the smiley face “😊.” 

On the other hand, the MBTI is a well-known personality assessment tool that categorizes individuals. It classifies people into one of 16 personality types based on their responses. Some MBTI personality types include the inspector, the protector, the mastermind, the craftsman, and the composer, amongst others. 

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Since smileys add emotional context and tone to messages, a South Korean Company, Cookie Rocket Co. Ltd, decided to make it the foundation of the Smile Dating Test using the MBTI personality assessment technology. 

A picture of a smiley face from the smile dating test
Smiley face character from the test. (Source: Pinterest)

How Does the Smile Dating Test Work?

Like most viral trends, the smile personality test is easy. During the quiz, you answer 12 relationship-related questions that reveal your views on love. The smile dating test then analyzes your responses to find your corresponding smiley and MBTI persona. 

The viral test comprises 16 smileys in rose red, brown, violet, and gold colors. Each smiley face color corresponds to a particular MBTI personality trait respondents discover after answering the quiz questions. The goal of the test is to determine an individual’s dating style based on the smiley character they are assigned. 

However, it is essential to note that the smile dating test is not a love tester. While it does not determine if you are lonely or happy in your relationship, it does unveil your sentimental side while seeing someone. 

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A picture of a user's assigned smiley from the smile dating test
A user’s assigned smiley character explaining their dating style. (Source: Pinterest)

What Questions Does the Test Ask? 

The Smile dating test asks about your hobbies, fashion, plans for the weekend, and more, until finally assigning you one of the 16 shades of smileys. Some of the questions asked include, “When you have no plan for the weekend, what will you do?”, “What will you do if you have an unexpected appointment suddenly?”

In addition, the smile dating test also asks, “What will you do when a friend takes you on a blind date?.” While these questions do not seem like much, they eventually determine the shade of smiley face you will be assigned.

After responding to these questions, you will get a smiley face and a detailed explanation of your smiley face character and what it means to your dating life. Also, at the bottom of your description, the smile dating test will reveal which smiley face shade you are most and least compatible with.

Has Any Celebrity Tried the Smile Dating Test?

No. Unlike viral TikTok trends, celebrities have not openly participated in the smile love test. Although no known star has jumped on the viral TikTok trend, millions of users have.

Despite lacking celebrity participation, many TikTok users have taken to the video-sharing platform to share their results with others. They also add a song that aligns with their assigned smiley face to make their videos attractive and catchy. 

Where Do Users Take the Test?

Despite its South Korean roots, the smile dating test has gained global popularity. Millions of users, including TikTok stars, have jumped on the trend by taking the test on

The Korean website features other personality tests and ultimately assigns a smiley to users after the test. These smileys explain the user’s personality and compatibility with different smiley colors. 

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