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Samuel Walker Shepard: Meet Sam Rogers’ Talented Son

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Samuel Walker Shepard is a talented singer and celebrity child of Sam Rogers and Jessica Lange. Keep reading to know more about him. 

Born to prominent actors, Samuel Walker Shepard shocked many when he took a completely different career path. 

Samuel Walker Shepard’s Biography

Samuel Walker Shepard was born in Scottsville, Virginia, on June 14, 1987. He is ‘Hollywood royalty’ because he was born to two world-famous Hollywood actors. His father, Sam Shepard, was a famous actor, playwright, and director, while his mother, Jessica Lange, is a world-renowned Oscar-winning actress.

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Samuel Walker Shepard
Celebrity Child and Musician Samuel Walker Shepard. (Source: Facebook)

Samuel grew up with his famous family, comprising his parents, his two siblings, Hannah Jane Shepard and Jesse Mojo Shepard, and his half-brother Shura Baryshnikov from his mother’s former relationship.

His sister, Hannah Jane Shepard, is only a year older than Samuel, and the two are always mistaken for twins. 

Did Samuel Walker Shepard Attend College?

Most details of Samuel’s educational background and early life are unknown, but reports have confirmed that he attended college. Due to the fame of both his parents, Samuel grew up in the public eye and has been known by many worldwide since his birth.

Besides being a celebrity kid, fans love Samuel because of his stunning eyes, just like Alexandra Daddario. Samuel took up a career in the music industry, much to the surprise of many who expected him to become an actor like his parents. His siblings, Hannah and Jesse, did not also follow in their parents’ footsteps in the entertainment industry.

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Hannah became an academic professor after studying writing at Sarah Lawrence College, and Jesse, 17 years older than Samuel, is an accomplished writer with a handful of books in his name. 

While all three kids did not enter Hollywood, they are satisfied and successful in their chosen careers. Over the years, Samuel and his elder sister, Hannah, lived in Virginia and moved to Minnesota, New Mexico, and New York.

Samuel and His Sister, Hannah
Samuel and His Sister, Hannah. (Source: Facebook)

Samuel Walker Shepard’s Band

After graduating college, Samuel pursued his passion for music and joined a New York-based band, The Down Hill Strugglers, formerly The Dust Busters, in 2008. He is a skilled musician and an expert at playing numerous instruments like the guitar, banjo, fiddle, and harmonica.

This has contributed to his band’s incredible mission to bring back the spirit of Old Time Music through their electrifying performances. The band consists of members Jackson Lynch, Eli Smith, and occasional groupie John Cohen. Together, they have achieved impressive feats in the industry and have also performed in iconic venues like the Jalopy Theatre and the Club Passim, to name a few.

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The band has also appeared on radio shows and music festivals, such as the Brooklyn Folk Festival and Woodstock Film Festival. The Down Hill Strugglers have made a name for themselves in the music industry, with Samuel being a standout member. 

Some of their famous music include “The Dust Buster,” “Old Man Below,” and “Show Me The Way To Go Home.” Samuel and his group won the Independent Music Award in 2013 for “Old Man Below.” 

Samuel Walker Shepard’s Instagram and Twitter 

Considering his fame, the musician has kept quite a private life. He is inactive across all social media platforms, making it hard for fans to keep up with his personal life. Several fan accounts across various social media platforms appreciate Samuel’s artistry and discography. 

Samuel Walker Shepard’s Age

As of 2023, Samuel is 36 years of age. He is still relatively young and has built a career that will withstand time. 

Samuel Walker Shepard’s Parents

Samuel’s parents are the world-famous Hollywood actor Samuel Shepard Rogers (popularly known as Sam Rogers) and his second wife, Jessica Lange. His parents are world-class award-winning actors with their names etched into Hollywood’s Hall of Fame. 

Sam Rogers and Jessica Lange
Sam Rogers and Jessica Lange. (Source: Facebook)

Sam and Jessica married in 1983 and divorced in 2009 after 27 years. Samuel’s father, Sam, sadly passed away on July 27, 2017, at 73, due to a neuronal disease. Since then, Samuel, his mother, and siblings have been together and spotted on several occasions. 

Samuel Walker Shepard’s Net Worth 

The celebrity child has an estimated net worth of $1 million. His wealth is thanks to the success of his band and their performances across the world. He also has yet to reveal if he has any other source of income other than his music but is rumored to have multiple investments. 

His parents, on the other hand, are multimillionaires. His father’s net worth was estimated to be around $10 million before his death due to his successful Hollywood career. Samuel’s mother, Jessica, also has a net worth of approximately $15 million, thanks to her highly acclaimed acting career.  

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