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Riz Ahmed Proposed to His Wife During a Game of Scrabble: Meet Fatima Fahreen Mirza

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Riz Ahmed and his wife, Fatima Fahreen Mirza have been relationship goals right from their first meeting. The iconic duo married in 2020, with Mirza living up to her husband’s showbiz excellence with remarkable projects of her own.

There could be no better match for actor and rapper, Riz Ahmed than his wife, Fatima Fahreen Mirza who is a trailblazing author. Her excellent writing skills, coupled with her husband’s acting and musical talents make the duo a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

Having begun her writing pursuits as a teenager, Mirza gradually honed her skills into one that could pose a challenge even to the renowned British entertainer. Little wonder it took Ahmed a well-structured plan, a game of words, and racing thoughts to pop the big question.

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Riz Ahmed and Fatima Mirza | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

But since then, their life together has been on overdrive, recording loads of achievements, eye-popping red carpet moments, and a truckload of loving gestures.


Riz Ahmed’s wife, Fatima Fahreen Mirza is a renowned author, born in California. She landed the planet in 1991, to Indian parents, but spent her life in the United States.

The icon holds a degree from the University of Iowa and is also a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, where she groomed her passion for writing. Mirza has overtime become a New York Times Bestselling author, with her debut novel, “A Place For Us” hitting the shelves in 2018.

Additionally, Mirza’s Instagram bio describes her as a bibliophile and an animal lover. Aside from her obvious talents, what put this rising star in the public eyes is her marriage to the record-breaking showbiz legend.

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While basking in the glimmers of her husband’s fame, Mirza has delved into some outstanding projects in the last year.

She published her bestselling novel, “A Place For Us,” under actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s imprint, SJP for Hogarth. The book focuses on an Indian Muslim family thriving in America. The book became a bestseller in no time.

By 2020, the National Book Foundation named the novelist a 5 Under 35 honoree, thanks to her debut novel. Mirza described the novel as a love letter to the community, inspired by her life as a first-generation female born into an immigrant household.


During an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the “Venom” star described his first meeting with Mirza. Ahmed recounted how they both showed up at a coffee shop in search of a favorable spot to write. Then the cutest meet-cute happened when they both jostled for the same charging spot at the same time to plug in their laptops.

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Smitten by each other, they struck up a friendship which soon evolved into something bigger. Remarkably, the meeting happened in New York City, while the 38-year-old was preparing for his role on “Sound Of Metal.”


As their relationship progressed, Ahmed knew he wanted to spend his life with Fatima Mirza. Hence, he devised a means of proposing to her, without risking a negative response.

Paying cognizance to her love for words, the icon decided to propose during a game of Scrabble. He explained to Jimmy Kimmel how he stole the correct letters from the pile while they played scrabble in a park. He then arranged the letters to spell out the words: “Will You Marry Me?”

The question stopped Mirza in her tracks, as she thought he was joking at first. She eventually accepted the proposal, making the extra efforts worth the while.


The twosome tied the knot in 2020, at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. The wedding took place in their backyard, with hardly anyone there due to the COVID-19 protocols.

Ahmed admitted that although they never intended to make their wedding a secret affair, he delighted in how it played out. According to him, having fewer people made the ceremony “super intimate,” and socially distant. 


Riz Ahmed and Fatima Mirza’s joint appearance at the 2021 Oscars marked their first appearance on the red carpet as a couple. Notably, all eyes were on the newlyweds as the sudden revelation of their marriage took the world by surprise.

Riz Ahmed and Fatima Mirza at the 2021 Oscars| Image: Instagram/dorka.toribio
Image: Instagram/dorka.toribio

And the couple made sure to give the world more things to chew on. While posing on the red carpets, Riz Ahmed, who snagged an Oscar nomination for his performance on “Sound Of Metal,” took time out to affectionately groom his wife’s hair before resuming the shoot.

While at it, he let the world know he was the official groomer of those long dark locks. Not like anyone planned to contend!

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