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Retired But Want to Work? These Jobs for Seniors Pay Weekly

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Whether you`re looking to boost your retirement savings or simply keep mentally and physically healthy, there are plenty of opportunities for seniors to take on part-time, remote, or even full-time jobs, and some even pay once a week.

Depending on the hours you work, you may even qualify for benefits, although this is usually not the case if you choose the part-time option. Warehouse Associate Salary: $20 to $21 per hour Companies like Amazon and UPS always need warehouse workers, especially during the holiday season.

In the case of UPS, you can apply online as a landscaper. Salary: $20 per hour If you agree or just want to work outside, you can apply as a principal or assistant landscaper.

If you are simply looking for part-time work that pays weekly, you can register with an existing company and simply travel to work locations as directed. Remember that for this type of job, you generally need to be physically fit and able to pick up packages weighing up to 70 pounds.

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Substitute Teacher’s Salary: $25 to $41 per hour Schools are always in need of substitute teachers, and many companies are now recruiting teachers and making it easier for schools to schedule classes.

You’ll get paid weekly and can earn a high salary, even for irregular jobs, of 50 to $17 per hour or more Controllers or cashiers at local supermarkets and retail stores are constantly changing, creating opportunities for seniors looking for part-time jobs that pay weekly.

Since these types of jobs are often plentiful, you can choose to work at your favorite store or the store closest to you.

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Shipping Associate Salary: $18 to $19 per hour Many businesses, especially those with large purchases, such as hospitals and warehouses, need shipping employees to help them handle all incoming and outgoing shipments.

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As a shipping associate, you’ll do everything from recording, tracking, and organizing incoming packages to creating shipping labels and manifests for outbound orders. Depending on the size of the organization, you may only be required to work weekends and/or afternoons.

Delivery Driver Salary: $9.85 to $ 31.50 per hour Just as companies like Amazon and UPS need warehouse workers, they also need delivery drivers, especially on holidays. These jobs are available but keep in mind that they can be quite labor-intensive, requiring lifting heavy packages and running to and from delivery locations.

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UPS also offers seasonal work for delivery assistants, who help full-time drivers deliver packages by sorting and transporting them, essentially doing everything except driving the truck.

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Online Teacher/Tutor Salary: $40+ per hour If you like working from home, you can find clients as an online teacher or tutor and earn a decent amount of money, depending on how long you want to work.

This type of job is among the most flexible on this list, as you can often choose when you’re available to serve your customers. If you join a teaching/tutoring company, you will generally make less money, but you will have a built-in client base from the start.

But if you’re a professional teacher and/or already have a clientele, it can be more cost-effective to do it yourself, and you might even get paid immediately instead of having to wait weeks.

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