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Remember Barbara Kavovit from RHONY? Here’s What She’s Up to Now

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A prominent American businesswoman and author, Barbara Kavovit, started her journey with Bravo’s reality series “The Real Housewives of New York City” in 2019. Then, she was in her early 50s. On the show, Kavovit was amidst different personalities.

Barbara Kavovit
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These include Luann de Lesseps, the former Countess, and Ramona Singer, known for her “turtle time” adventures and frequent clashes with Kavovit. According to Bravo, Kavovit was cast on RHONY due to her close ties to  Luann.

Bravo describes her as “a good friend of Luann’s who stood by the former countess after her relapse.” Recently, Luann reaffirmed their friendship on Instagram, celebrating their bond of over 14 years. Congratulating Barbara Kavovit on her new novel, Luann expressed her pride and admiration, noting Kavovit’s journey in the  NYC construction world. 

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Barbara Kavovit and Luann’s Friendship

In an interview, Barbara Kavovit delved into her budding friendships in the RHONY circle. Revealing her longstanding connection with Luann, Kavovit said, “I actually have known Lu for a while now. We met at a playground. Lu is a great girl. And I know Dorinda as well.”

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Barbara Kavovit
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Despite a finance degree, Kavovit’s passion lies in handling tools, a crush she inherited from her skilled father. Recalling cherished moments, she said, “We built many different projects together besides the building of something so tangible.”

She continued, “You know, it was a transformation with your dad and the fact that he was so patient and caring and nurturing. It was someone that, as a young girl, I was so impressionable. I mean, that really gave me the love for this feeling of self-esteem.” 

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What does Barbara Kavovit Do? 

Talk about a go-getter! Kavovit founded her home improvement company, Stand-Ins, before retiring from a lucrative two-year contract with IBM. She is also the CEO of Evergreen Construction and created her trendy tool kit, DIYVA by Barbara K.

In her words, she revels in the joy of being the “boss lady,” supervising operations and managing a workforce of up to 75 individuals on various job sites. With the huge responsibility on her shoulders, Kavovit ensures projects stay on track, all while showing her skills in budget management and scheduling. 

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Barbara Kavovit
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Barbara Kavovit is also a feminist. As a leader in a male-dominated field, she aims to empower women by equipping them with the essential tools and knowledge to tackle DIY projects independently without relying on external assistance. 

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Notably, her commitment to self-sufficiency goes beyond her professional endeavors. She seeks to lead by example, showing her son the importance of independence, regardless of gender norms. 

Barbara Kavovit’s Role in RHONY

Regarding Kavovit’s role on RHONY, her connections w ith Luann and Dorinda gave a natural entry point into the group. According to a season’s trailer, she appeared entangled in the ongoing drama involving Dorinda, Luann, and Jovani.  

However, tensions arose with Ramona, as their off-screen relationship seemed strained. Ramona’s dismissive attitude towards Kavovit during an interview suggested a potential conflict, with Ramona seemingly unwilling to acknowledge Kavovit’s role as more than just a “Friend” of the Housewives.

Barbara Kavovit
Source: Pinterest

In response, Barbara Kavovit expressed little surprise at Ramona’s dismissive attitude.  She didn’t hold back, labeling Ramona “nasty and condescending” to most people. Despite Ramona’s claims to the contrary, she also highlighted her lack of genuine support for other women.

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Kavovit also emphasized that such behavior is known to Ramona, suggesting it’s consistent with her persona. Drawing from her upbringing in the Bronx and her experiences in the construction industry, Kavovit asserted that while she excels in her field, she refuses to tear others down in the process. 

Barbara Kavovit’s Advice for Those Struggling to Get Ahead

As you may know, the mentality that construction is no place for women still exists. However, Barbara Kavovit says otherwise. She advised women to seek others in the field or join groups to bolster women and minorities. 

Barbara Kavovit
Source: Pinterest

“Find a mentor that believes in you, that is going to take the time to help teach you,” she noted. “And if you can’t find that person, I mean, nowadays, there’s certainly organizations out there that you can find.” 

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