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Red States Record Population Growth in 2023 as More Americans Flee Blue States

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Map of red states and blue states in the US
Source: Angr/Wikimedia Commons

During the GOP presidency of Donald Trump, the federal government had very strong migration laws. These made it difficult for migrants to enter the United States illegally. However, since Joe Biden came into office, migration laws have become more liberal.

Despite federal migration laws being lenient, states have instituted local laws. These laws are causing a dramatic shift in both interstate and international migration in the 52 states of the U.S. Looking at the available data, locals residing in states with a Democrat-dominated legislature tend to relocate to GOP states.

The local migration is probably a product of the influx of international migrants into states with “sanctuary cities.” Record deaths from COVID probably inspired the liberal migration laws.

However, since around 2022, the influx and presence of migrant populations have become overwhelming for some liberal states. So much so that administrators in such states are now calling on the Biden administration to find solutions to the ballooning migrant population.

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Real estate is booming in the red and GOP states, as it is moving in by the number. Some real estate agents are taking the initiative to sell their units using that selling point. A recent real estate ad in Washington reads, “Escape liberal hell, move to Idaho.” Idaho has indeed become a preferred location for residents living in Washington.

Just last week, the U.S. Census Bureau released the annual population estimates. Changes in the population figures of this year, relative to those from the previous, indicate an interstate migratory trend in the U.S. 

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Yes, U.S. population growth was down to 1.05% in 2020. This slow crawl is due to the low birth rate, increased deaths during the pandemic, and the embargo on international migration. However, recent data reveals a 3.03% population growth in GOP trifecta states. Trifecta states are those where a single party controls the executive and legislative arms of government.

On the contrary, in Democratic trifecta states, recent census data reveals that the population has shrunk by 0.89%. Translating these to figures, GOP states gained about 2.59 million local migrants. Also, Democratic states lost 2.98 million local migrants. However, international migration has balanced things out by making up some of the deficits.

For example, 1.17 million international migrants moved into blue states, thus dampening the local loss. Likewise, 1.00 million international migrants moved to red states. States with administrations consisting of both GOPs and Democrats gained roughly 360,000 international migrants.

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Going by individual numeric growth in population, in descending order, the top ten states are Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, Virginia, Colorado, and Utah. Texas’s population grew from 30,029,848 to 30,503,301 in precisely one calendar year. This data was recorded by the Census Bureau from July 1, 2022, to July 1, 2023.

In descending order, the states with the highest population losses between 2022 and 2023 are California, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

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