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Princess Eugenie’s Hat Collection Has Been A Time Stopper Through the Decades: 15 Times She Wowed Us With Her Looks

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Over the years, Princess Eugenie has made some groundbreaking public appearances, turning heads with yet another elaborate piece from her iconic hat collection.

There is no doubt Prince Andrew’s youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie of York has made some bold fashion choices over the years, rocking colorful combinations that somehow mirror her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

In fact, Princess Eugenie, now a mother of one, following the birth of her son August Phillip Hawke, has become one royal everyone looks forward to at grand occasions.

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From the paparazzi to fans who idolize her or fashion enthusiasts drawn by the royal effect, tons of people show up in hopes of catching a glimpse of the royal’s next piece.

And trust the princess to never disappoint, stepping out in breathtaking hats from her iconic collection, each more fascinating than the last.

Her Hat Was Once Labeled Outlandish

This effect has become more pronounced since Eugenie’s appearance alongside her sister at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 2011 wedding.

The sisters’ bold headgears by royal hat designer Phillip Treacy, earned them ridicule across media platforms and a spot on the “worst dressed list.”

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Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice at Kate Middleton's wedding | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

During a later interview, Princess Beatrice admitted the harsh media backlash left them emotional, even driving them to tears. But that didn’t stop the pair from coming up with even bolder looks.

Ultimately, those endearing pieces have become the princess’ signature look, and she has pulled it off in style in the last decade. Here are fifteen times Princess Eugenie has wowed us with her iconic hat collection.

1.  Princess Eugenie At Gerald Grosvenor’s Memorial Service

One of Princess Eugenie’s best hat moments was at the memorial service of the 6th Duke of Westminster, Gerald Grosvenor.

For the occasion, the royalty stepped out in a purple velvet headpiece mirroring a saucer, with a champagne gold design adorning the topper.

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She paired the headgear with a navy satin attire, which surprisingly made a great combination.

Princess Eugenie At Gerald Grosvenor’s Memorial Service | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

2. At Lady Natasha and Rufus Finch’s Wedding

The princess seemed to tune down her 2011 bold fashion choice while attending the wedding of Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Rupert Finch in 2013.

In contrast to her blue feathery hat worn at Kate Middleton’s wedding, the mother of one donned a black sequined beret-like hat topped with a red plume.

She combined the endearing hat with a white blazer worn over a colorful dress with red flower designs matching the plume on her beret.

Princess Eugenie at Lady Natasha's wedding to Rufus Finch| Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

3. The Princess At The 2016 Royal Ascot

Royal or not, every hat lover certainly needs this feathery delight in their collection. Attending the “Ladies Day” event at the 2016 Royal Ascot, the royalty donned a netted beige hat beautified with a series of white feathers hanging off the top.

Princess Eugenie | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

4. Princess Eugenie At The 2010 Royal Ascot

For her appearance at 2010’s Royal Ascot, the princess kept it simple in a pink gown and a black blazer.

However, there was nothing simple about the princess’ pink beret-like hat which sported a giant bow glued to the center.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

5. At 2006 Trooping The Colour

A then-teenage princess Eugenie appeared at 2006’s Trooping the Color, rocking a rose-and feather-adorned fascinator pinned to the right side of her flowing locks.

To complete the look, the young royal donned a blush pink gown that matched her headpiece and an off-white overcoat

Princess Eugenie at 2006 Trooping The Colour | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

6. 2008’s Royal Ascot

Princess Eugenie turned to her go-to royal hat maker to add the final glitz and glam to her all-blue appearance at the 2008 Royal Ascot.

Treacy didn’t disappoint, designing a blue beret-like hat with a stack of blue roses and feathers sticking out the top.

Princess Beatrice And Princess Eugenie On The First Day Of Royal Ascot In Berkshire | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

7. Eugenie At The 2009 Royal Ascot

Princess Eugenie easily stole the show again at the 2009 Royal Ascot, with another fascinating piece from her hat collection.

This time, she donned a lemon green, saucer-shaped hat which appeared pinned to the front of her hair. She made an even bolder fashion move by pairing this colorful fascinator with a purple ensemble.

Princess Eugenie at 2009 Royal Ascot |   
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

8. Browning It Up At Zara Phillip’s Wedding

For her cousin, Zara Phillip’s wedding to Mike Tindall in 2011, Princess Beatrice opted for a piece from Angela Kelly.

The brown saucer hat which seemed clipped to a cream beret with feather designs was all it took to add a touch of royalty to the princess’ cream and brown ensemble.

Princess Eugenie | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

9. Making A Statement At Middleton’s Wedding

Eugenie’s legendary hat at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding would go down in history, albeit for the wrong reasons.

But there is no doubt the princess’ blue headgear with a giant wine-colored rose and white ruffling feathers remains her most iconic piece and a memorable royal fashion moment.

Notably, she auctioned off the hat afterward and gave the proceeds to charity, giving the world something better to remember it by.

Princess Eugenie at Kate Middleton's wedding | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

10. The 2011 Royal Ascot

Princess Eugenie stepped out in a black beret-like headpiece with a net effect hanging over her face for the 2011 Royal Ascot. She paired this with a red gown which made her stand out among the crowd.

Princess Eugenie at the 2011 royal Ascot | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

11. At The Not Forgotten Association Garden Party In 2016

Appearing alongside her sister at the Not Forgotten Association Garden Party in 2016, Princess Eugenie wowed in a white and blue gown.

However, her accessories were the real head-turners, as she donned a blue fascinator perched on her head like a blossoming giant flower, and a matching purse.

Princess Eugenie | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

12. 2018s Easter Service At Windsor

In the wake of her 2018 engagement to now-husband Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie took her place as the center of attention.

Attending the Easter service that year at Windsor, the royal rocked a conservative ensemble comprising an all-black top and colorful flowing skirt belted at the waist. She paired this off with a pink hat sporting an eccentric design that screamed “priceless!”

Princess Eigenie attending Easter service at Windsor | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

13. At Meghan Markle’s Wedding

While attending Meghan Markle’s royal wedding to Prince Harry in 2018, the bold princess kept it simple in a sky blue gown and a pillbox hat.

The pillbox topper, designed by Fiona Graham had no elaborate details but managed to appear chic and classy, becoming one of the favorites in her collection.

Guests at Meghan Markle's wedding | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

14. All-Black At Queen Elizabeth’s Garden Party

The British monarch Queen Elizabeth celebrated her garden party at Buckingham palace in 2018, enjoying the presence of her adorable grandchildren among other special guests.

For the occasion, Princess Eugenie rocked an all-black ensemble, topped with a black Miss Harada hat with the words, “Love” inscribed on it. Wonder if that had anything to do with the giant sparkler on her finger.

Princess Eugenie at ueen Elizabeth's Garden Party | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

15. 2009’s Royal Ascot

In what has become one of Princess Beatrice’s most-prized looks of all time, the royalty stepped out to attend the 2009 Royal ascot in a black and white polka dot fedora.

Princess Eugenie at the 2009 Royal Ascot | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This sculptural showstopper was adorned with a white floral arrangement on one side and two spiral spikes to complete the wizard vibes. No doubt only a royal could pull this off seamlessly.

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