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Phylicia Rashad Remembers Late Actor Chadwick Boseman Affectionately in a Chat with ET

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Veteran actress Phylicia Rashad opened up about her relationship with the late “Black Panther” actor, Chadwick, in an interview.

Phylicia Rashad’s relationship with the late actor Chadwick Boseman dates back to long before the world knew the “Black Panther” star.

In a new interview with ET, the actress went candid about his humble beginnings and her role in making him a renowned entertainment icon.

Chadwick Boseman and Phylicia Rashad | Image: YouTube/Extratv
Chadwick Boseman and Phylicia Rashad | Image: YouTube/Extratv

She spoke with admiration about how the deceased star managed to pull off all his different roles flawlessly. Rashad also noted that Boseman portrayed “a real person” in his characters without having to manipulate them. That was a feat only the most talented actors could pull off.

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Having watched Boseman grow from an acting student into a Hollywood sensation, Phylicia Rashad, who was once his professor at Howard University, saw him in a different light from the rest of the world. She recounted:

“I remember his smile and his gentle way. I remember his unending curiosity and his love of study, studying many things all of the time.”

Boseman’s enviable attributes eventually paid off. Years after graduation, he began landing roles in iconic movies. Remarkably, Rashad’s admiration for the icon led her to facilitate his Hollywood journey.

She connected him to some of her high-profile friends in the industry, including actor Denzel Washington. These notable figures funded Boseman’s way through acting school abroad, further brushing his acting prowess.

He was excited about it. That’s who Chadwick was

Another thing Rashad admired about the “Black Panther” star was his big heart. Through his Hollywood journey, Boseman participated in various philanthropic works. He continued his good works even after receiving his colon cancer diagnosis in 2016. 

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Addressing how much he loved lending a hand, the actress recounted how he once called her to gush about a venture he was undertaking. Her initial thoughts were that he landed a huge gig. However, her admiration for him grew the moment he let her in on his endeavors. She explained:

“You know what he was doing? He was working with young people at the library. And he was excited about it. That’s who Chadwick was.”

Many recall Chadwick Boseman’s sad passing in August following a 4-year battle with colon cancer.

A statement posted on his social media page confirmed his death. The statement also revealed that the actor had been battling the condition since 2016. Sadly, his illness progressed to Stage IV, eventually leading to his death.

Following Boseman’s demise, many fans and co-stars expressed their shock over his passing. More shocking was that no one knew of his diagnosis, as he rendered some of his most iconic roles while battling the condition.

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Indeed, Chadwick Boseman led an impactful life, one that would serve as a motivation for many generations to come.

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