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Here Are Some of the times Patrick Dempsey’s Character, Derek Shepherd Gave Us McDreamy Moments on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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For ten years, actor Patrick Dempsey captured hearts as the fictional neurosurgeon, Derek Shepherd “McDreamy” in the ABC medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Patrick Dempsey, the actor, was unarguably a fan-favorite in the ABC medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy,” where he starred as Meredith Grey’s love interest, Derek Shepherd.

During his time on the show, the 54-year-old thrilled viewers with some memorable moments in his portrayal of McDreamy.

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Although his run ended following his character’s death in the eleventh season, he returned for a reunion in the 17th season, leaving fans relieving some of those ecstatic moments. 


From his first appearance on the series’ first-ever episode to the eventual death of his character, nicknamed McDreamy, in 2015, the star made every moment on the show worth watching. Although the point of his death remains unfathomable to many, relieving those adorable McDreamy moments allover again serves as a much-needed consolation.


Patrick Dempsey’s character, Shepherd’s first introduction on the show as Meredith Grey’s one-night-stand, cut it for many. Waking up to find the stranger on her bed, offset Grey, who was eager to resume for her first day as a medical intern at Grey Sloan Memorial. Shepherd’s pushed for a chance to know her better, to no avail.


Learning later that the night’s booty call was, in fact, her new boss left the new intern horrified. Fortunately, the revelation attracted quite the opposite reaction from McDreamy, who was glad to finally have his chance to meet his mystery woman for real.


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Another memorable moment came in episode 17 of the second season. Rather than flee the hospital to avoid a bomb, the surgeon displayed his heroic side to ensure everyone else’s safety, even if it meant confronting a gunman.


Days after professing his love for the first time to Grey in the third season and asking her to choose between him and Finn, Shepherd did the noble thing. In a bid to uncomplicate her life, he urged the love of his life to pick Finn over him because she deserved the better man. Meredith was not thrilled with his offer, but she knew Shepherd was right since he already had a wife. To viewers’ delight, her relationship with Finn was short-lived.


One of Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy moments involved the fictional surgeon playing the hero once again, to save Meredith Grey’s life. When Grey encountered a near-death situation following an accident that left her drowning, Shepherd was on hand to pull her out of the water, carry her to the ambulance, and administer CPR. All the while, his countenance showed Meredith’s death would mark the end of him.


In season 7, Shepherd proved himself as the sweetest big brother ever when he tried to hide the news of his shooting from his sister, Amelia. She turned up beside him on the hospital bed anyway, furious he hadn’t called to inform her. In response, he recounted his attempt to protect her on the night of their dad’s shooting when they were kids. He admitted he couldn’t tell her about his pain because he never wanted her to know such pain existed.

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Dempsey’s made known his intention to become Meredith Grey’s husband in the fifth season’s nineteenth episode. His proposal easily passed for one of the most memorable on-screen proposals as it showed Derek Shepherd at his most romantic. Donning a suit in an elevator decorated with brain scans, he revealed his intention to spend the rest of his life with Grey, without having to go down on one knee. She accepted his proposal on the spot.


Derek Shepherd’s relationship with Grey progressed thereon and soon gave way to their post-it note wedding. The couple exchanged vows via post-it notes in the locker room due to their busy schedules. The scheduling problems made unable to make it to City Hall for their wedding, g Derek to improvise. Scribbling their vows on the tiny piece of paper and signing it to seal their union is one McDreamy moment fans won’t be quick to forget.

Not long after their marriage, they became parents, adopting a daughter, Zola, in the seventh season. In season 9, Derek Shepherd’s wife became pregnant. They had their first child together, giving Zola a younger brother named Derek Bailey. The lovebirds went on to have another child, a daughter named Ellis Shepherd, completing their beautiful family of five.


Patrick Dempsey last appeared as a regular in “Grey’s Anatomy” in the 24th episode of the eleventh season, following his death in a previous episode titled “How To Save A Life.”

No one expected the death of the lead male character to come so soon. And much less, in a tragic accident involving a semi-truck. To cap the tragedy of the moment, the beloved surgeon met his end in his attempt to save some accident victims he encountered on the road, on his way to Washington.


After years of enduring episodes without Shepherd, the beloved surgeon returned to the medical drama in the Season 17’s episode titled “The Center Won’t Hold,” which aired on November 12, 2020.

Having him on the show after five years was a shock to fans. However, it also came as a welcome development. To many, it served as an escape from the difficult times imposed by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Although his return only comprised a few glimpses of him talking to Ellen Pompeo’s character, Meredith Grey, even if as a mere fraction of her imagination, it did not stop viewers from relishing the return of the fan-favorite character.

It was indeed the most cherished McDreamy moment in the medical drama’s 17-season run.

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