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Why Has Owen Wilson Abandoned His Only Daughter? Let’s Find Out

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Owen Wilson has yet to meet his daughter Lyla Wilson since the day she was born. Here’s what some fans think about his decision.

Owen Wilson has frequently appeared in the news for various reasons throughout his career. However, in June 2018, the actor got into an unexpected pregnancy scandal that surprised many people. Varunie Vongsvirates, one of his on-and-off girlfriends, named the actor as the father of her unborn child. 

Owen Wilson daughter
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Varunie took to Instagram to announce that she was expecting a baby by sharing an ultrasound picture. She then captioned it, “Say hello to Lyla. 3 months to go!” Afterward, she confirmed exclusively to Us Weekly that Wilson was the father of her child.

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However, when the news reached Owen, he denied it and requested a paternity test. As reported by US Magazine, the actor just wanted to remove all doubts about the child’s true father. However, the test positively confirmed Owen as the father. As a result, Varunie gave birth to their daughter Lyla on October 9th, 2018, without the child’s father by her side. 

Owen Wilson Has Refused To Meet His Daughter

During an exclusive interview on, Varunie Vongsvirates claimed that Owen Wilson has never met his only daughter, Lyla. According to Varunie, she had pleaded with the actor multiple times to come and spend more time with their daughter Lyla. However, it seems that the “Wedding Crasher” actor has no interest in doing so. In her words, Varunie noted:

“Lyla is in need of a dad. Ironically, Owen Wilson keeps landing parent parts and portrays a father in his newest film despite never meeting his own kid.”

She also disclosed that Owen, the child’s father, had checked the “no visitation box” in court and didn’t want custody of their daughter. However, the untenable situation didn’t stop Varunie from celebrating their daughter’s fourth birthday in October 2022.

Owen Wilson Pays Varunie Child Support

While he may have never met his daughter, Owen Wilson pays a sizable amount in child support payments to Varunie. The actor reportedly pays around $25K per month directly to the child’s mother’s account to cover child-related expenses. 

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In addition to child support, sources claim that Owen Wilson paid Varunie’s “labor coach” and legal bills totaling nearly $35,000. Lyla’s health insurance, which he signed her up for under his Screen Actors Guild policy, is also something he has done for his daughter.

Fans Think Varunie Got Pregnant Against Owen’s Wishes

Since Varunie Vongsvirates publicly disclosed that the actor has never met their youngster, many people have questioned Owen’s actions. While some think the actor is neglecting his daughter for no valid reason, others believe there is something behind his decision. 

Some fans speculate that Varunie became pregnant with Lyla to pressure Owen into marrying her. At the very least, she hoped he would become an incredibly involved and excited father once she was born. 

Meanwhile, Varunie also knew that Owen had already shared custody of two other children with two other ex-partners while they were still together. Still, Fans suggested that perhaps Owen informed Varunie outright that he didn’t want any more children, but she disregarded him.  A fan enquired skeptically:

“5 years, no engagement, no promise to marry.”

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The Actor Is an Excellent Father to His Sons

Despite having the boys on a single-dad schedule, according to reports, the actor has a wonderful bond with his two boys. He has appropriately kept a warm and loving relationship with their mothers. He had Finn Wilson with Caroline Lindqvist and Robert Ford with Jade Duell. 

While appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in June 2017, the “Internship” star talked about raising his first two kids. The delighted father, who refers to Robert by his middle name Ford, gushed over how much Finn looks up to his bigger sibling. He also highlighted that, despite being regarded as one of Hollywood’s funniest actors, his two children aren’t exactly wowed. He continued:

“I can make a joke, and it’s like, crickets.” It’s almost nothing coming from those men.” 

According to Owen, he can already imagine how they would act when they are teenagers and how they will band together against him. So while the actor tends to his sons, hopefully, he will extend the same care to his daughter soon.

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