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NYC Police Solve Mystery of Human Leg Discovered on Subway Tracks

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Police in New York City have confirmed that the disembodied human leg found on Bronx subway tracks could be the partial remains of a man dragged for miles. Earlier, NYC officials said they were investigating after workers found a human leg on subway tracks in the Big Apple.

Just after 1 p.m. on Saturday, February 17, 2024, officers responded to a report from a set of tracks in the Bronx. According to the New York Police Department, the report was about someone discovering human remains, and it puzzled the officials. 

Someone reportedly discovered a man’s left leg in the Bronx subway tracks. Hence, the NYPD responded to the report. Arriving officers from the 44 Precinct found the remains. They reportedly saw a human leg along the roadbed of a northbound “4” train service.

According to police reports, it was between the 167th Street subway stop and the 170th Street subway stop. Afterward, the officers took the leg to the medical examiner’s office to run tests. However, authorities believe the remains were separated from a man hit by a train miles away and days earlier.

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In an email to media outlets, a spokesperson for the NYPD spoke about the investigation. The spokesperson stated in the email that NYC officials are looking to identify the remains discovered on the subway track. In addition, the spokesperson noted that investigations into the mystery surrounding the discovery remain ongoing.

During the preliminary investigation, police did not release additional details about the leg. They didn’t specify whether the leg’s owner was male or female. Also, they didn’t reveal their age or whether that person is still alive. The authorities didn’t say how the leg may have ended on the tracks.

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However, the officials solved the mystery after linking it to a previous subway accident. According to reports, police discovered a man’s body on Monday, February 12, 2024, at a Manhattan station. The man reportedly either fell or jumped on the tracks, at least 9 miles away at the Spring Street station in lower Manhattan. 

After examining the body, investigators claim they didn’t suspect any criminality. However, a police source said they could not find the left leg of that man’s body during the initial investigation. As a result, investigators think the disembodied leg discovered at the Bronx station could be the man’s.

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They think a train could have dragged the leg along miles of track up to the 167th Street stop in the Bronx, where MTA workers uncovered it while plowing through the snow. Investigators can’t say if it is that same man’s leg. However, they suspect DNA and blood tests will show it belongs to the same person, the police source added.

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Also, police are yet to confirm the identity of the man in the Manhattan incident and the remains from the Bronx. However, sources suggest the two cases might be closely connected.

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