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The Downward Trend of California’s Economy is Causing Many Residents to Groan, and Some Are Relocating

There is a decline in California's economy which is leading many residents including celebrities like Joe Rogan to relocate from the State

New Resident Shocked by The Homelessness and High Drug Use in San Francisco

Jeremy Bernier, a new resident in San Francisco, is shocked at the level of homelessness and the high use of drugs in the city.

Former CIA Director Under Fire for Calling for Alabama Senator’s Assassination 

Michael Hayden and Senator Tuberville's different views concerning the defense policy on abortion led to serious disagreement between them.

Controversy as House Speaker Mike Johnson Likened Abortion to Holocaust

Amidst growing criticism, House Speaker Mike Johnson makes headlines again after his statement about abortion resurfaces.

California Governor to Allocate $600 Million to Homelessness

Governor Gavin Newsom is on a mission to tackle the housing problem in California with almost 600 million US dollars.

Florida Non-binary Teacher Fired Over Gender-Neutral Title

A Florida science teacher was recently fired after a dispute with their school on the use of a gender-neutral title for them.

Kansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Restriction Laws

While more states continue to ban the right to abortion, the Kansas Supreme Court has stood firm in giving residents the right to choose.

Marvel Studios and Disney Are Facing a Budgeting Problem

With "The Marvels" having a disappointing opening weekend, the budgeting issues faced by Disney and Marvel Studios became a hot topic.

The Largest Musical Instrument Is in an Underground Cave 

The largest musical instrument in the world is not above ground but in an underground cave somewhere in Virginia.

Are Gen Z Lazy for Not Wanting to Work 40 Hours a Week?

A young woman has come forward to defend Gen Z for their unwillingness to work 40 hours a week. Her reason? “We’re just not stupid.”