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Emma Chamberlain Opens Up About Goth Met Gala Look, Says It Took 640 Hours To Create

Emma Chamberlain spent 640 hrs on her collection for the 2024 Met Gala. 40 hours of work were needed to create the goth look's pattern.

Authorities Confirm at Least 11 Dead in Mother’s Day Shooting

Gun violence in the United States is a pandemic that has long called for attention. According to the Gun Violence Archive, over 40,167 people died from gun violence in the US in 2023. Going by that figure, nearly 120 people died from gun violence daily in 2023. The GVA report also states that of those who died, 1,306 were teens, and 276 were children, proving it’s not exclusive to a specific demography. In a series of unfortunate events on Mother’s...

Critics Slam Republican Operative for Claiming Image of ’90s Concert Was From Trump’s New Jersey Rally

The Republican operative faces criticism when a photo he post as a picture from a rally was of Rod Stewart performing in Rio de Janeiro.

Congress Breaks Into Chaos After Marjorie Taylor Greene Insults Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s False Lashes

Discussions on Capitol Hill became personal after Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked Representative Jasmine Crockett.

Secret Service Agents Demand Probe Into Biden’s DEI Policies Amid Female Agent’s Attack on Male Superior

Secret Service agents are looking to start an investigation inyo Biden's DEI policies after a female agent attacked a male superior.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Fails Attempt To Oust Mike Johnson

House Speaker Mike Johnson has survived an attempt by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to remove him from office.

Ann Coulter Says She Wouldn’t Vote for Vivek Ramaswamy Because He’s Indian

In an interview with Vivek Ramaswamy, Coulter said that she would not have supported him in the US presidential election due to his heritage.

President Wins Biggest Poll Lead Over Trump in Wisconsin

With less than six months to the presidential election, Pres. Joe Biden is enjoying a large advantage in polls over former Pres. Trump.

Police Arrests Over 30 Students at GWU’s Pro-Palestinian Encampment 

33 individuals were arrested at George Washington University early on Wednesday, following an action to disperse a pro-Palestinian camp.

Critics Blast Biden’s Claim That Inflation Was 9% When He Took Office, Say It Was 1.4%

It has been incorrectly stated by Pres. Joe Biden twice in less than a week that the rate of inflation was 9% when he assume office in 2021.