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Nadia Conners: Meet Walton Goggins’ Second Wife

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Nadia Conners is Walton Goggins’ second attempt at marriage, and so far, she’s looking like his last attempt. Walter Goggins is a famous actor known for portraying characters that walk the grey areas of morality.

Some of his most famous portrayals include Shane Vendrell in “The Shield,” Boyd Crowder in “Justified,” Clay Hawkins in “Lincoln,” Billy Crash in “Django Unchained,” Chris Mannix in “The Hateful Eight,” Lee Russell in “Vice Principals,” and Sonny Burch in “Ant-Man and the Wasp.”

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He has won awards for his work, and his fan base grows with each new project he participates in. Naturally, more fans have become curious about Goggins’ life on and off the set. His wife, Nadia Conners, is a big part of his life off the stage, and while she is not as famous, she has also been making waves in the world of filmmaking. 

Keep reading to learn more about her and their blissful marriage.

Walter Goggins with his family
Walter Goggins with his family. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Walton Goggins’ Wife, Nadia Conners? 

Nadia Conners is the second woman Walton Goggins has gotten married to. She was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on November 8, 1969, and will celebrate her 54th birthday in 2023. 

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Though she is famous, there are some details about Conners’ background that are missing. For example, we know that her mother is Sumaya Conners. However, her father’s identity has not been disclosed. The exact number of siblings she has is also not confirmed, but it is believed she has at least one called Leila Conners. 

Nadia Conners Career

Walton Goggins’ wife is a writer and director in the film industry. 

Conners’ best-known works include “The 11th Hour,” “This is All of Us,” and “Tyrant.” “The 11th Hour” saw her work alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and got her nominated for a Golden Camera Award in 2007. 

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When it comes to filmmaking, Conners specializes in making narrative and documentary films. Little wonder she became the founder and creative director of the Tree Media Group, an environment-based film studio that produces films dedicated to preserving planet Earth.

Conners co-founded the studio in 1996 after she graduated in 1992 from the University of America in Paris, where she studied European Philosophy and History. She was the creative director there from its launch until early 2007. By then, the talented filmmaker was fully committed to working in film and TV in various capacities, including writing, directing, and producing narrative and documentary films. 

Her other well-known productions include “This Is All of Us,” “Global Warning,” and “Water Planet.” In December 2022, Conners revealed that she had finished filming the upcoming comedy “The Uninvited,” which features her husband, Pedro Pascal, and Rufus Sewell.

It was a milestone for Conners, who took to Instagram to talk about how magical the experience was. Her husband, ever the supportive spouse, was in the comment section to congratulate her. He wrote: “I am so proud of you. You have fought a good fight, Nadia. You did it… the old-fashioned way.”

Nadia Conners and Walter Goggins’s Marriage 

The couple have been married since August 2011. According to reports, they were in a romantic relationship for a “long” time and had welcomed their first child, Augustus, before they ultimately decided to tie the knot. 

Their marriage was a small one witnessed only by two of their friends and their still very young child. The pair renewed their vows in November 2019. However, on Instagram, Conners claimed it felt like they were getting married again because, this time, it was witnessed by more of their friends and their son, who is now older. 

Augustus is the only child Nadia Conners and Walter Goggins have. At first, the actor was apprehensive about becoming a dad and had even decided to pass the experience up. 

Things changed when Goggins and Conners realized they had a bun in the oven. He said: “But then it happened. And it is, you know, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It is the most inconvenient and greatest and convenient thing.” 

Walter Goggins and his wife
Walter Goggins and his wife. (Source: Pinterest)

What Happened to Walton Goggins’ First Wife?

The first woman Walter Goggins was married to was a Canadian businesswoman named Leanne Goggins. Their union lasted from 2001 until 2004, but they never got officially divorced. 

This is because Leanne presented divorce papers to Walton several days before she committed suicide. The date of her death is November 12, 2004. Her death was ruled a suicide because she leaped from the 17th floor of an office building in Los Angeles, California. 

Walter Goggins
Walter Goggins. (Source: Pinterest)

The woman had reportedly struggled with severe depression. There were speculations that one of the reasons Leanne committed suicide was that just a year before her demise, she found a dead body while walking her dog.

Her death impacted the actor’s life and helped him understand more easily the characters he plays and how they deal with trauma. Another famous face like Walton Goggins, who has lost someone to suicide, is Wynonna Judd. 

She lost her mother, the talented Naomi Judd, to suicide following the icon’s battle with depression. 

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