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Melanie Lynn Clapp Got $6,000 in Child Support From Johnny Knoxville: She Now Lives a Private Life

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Melanie Lynn Clapp is most famous for her ties to stuntman Johnny Knoxville. The pair married for over ten years and welcomed one child together. 

Their marriage ultimately ended in a lengthy divorce that required several settlements. Since the split, Clapp has flown under the public radar, preferring to live her life away from the spotlight. 

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As such, there are only a few things we know about her. 

Who Is Melanie Lynn Clapp? 

Melanie Lynn Clapp is Johnny Knoxville’s former wife. Reports claim she is an entrepreneur with an interior design agency. 

Melanie Lynn Clapp
Melanie Lynn Clapp (Source: Pinterest)

Clapp’s agency operates out of Texas and supplies interior design materials. Clapp is also known to take design jobs and has made a name for herself as an interior designer. 

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The name of Clapp’s interior design business is Side Street Home. It is located in Austin, Texas, and sells small batched designs and vintage home goods, including rugs, bedding, and lighting items. Clapp reportedly started the business in the 1990s and has managed to keep it alive until now. 

Melanie Lynn Clapp’s Marriage to Knoxville Lasted 12 Years

Melanie Lynn Clapp fell in love with Johnny Knoxville before he found fame in Hollywood. They walked down the aisle in 1995. However, there are almost no details about the wedding because they were unknown back then. 

The couple were happy for 12 good years, but in July 2006, they started to live in separate houses. One year later, Knoxville filed for divorce, and the process began. By 2008, Knoxville was deemed unhitched. However, there were outstanding legal issues he and his former wife needed to resolve before they could move on. 

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The legal aspect of the divorce took about two years to be finalized. It was a tough time for both parties, even though they had been living separately. There was no contest about the divorce.

However, there were other issues that they needed to sort out before they could part. These issues included child and spousal support, community property, and custody of their only child with Madison. 

Melanie Lynn Clapp with her former husband and their child
Melanie Lynn Clapp with her former husband and their child (Source: Pinterest)

Knoxville was required to cover the family’s health and medical costs while the legal negotiations continued. There was also a document that stated that in the event of Knoxville’s demise due to his stunts, Clapp would not be held responsible for any legal fallout. 

The Divorce Negotiations Were Concluded in 2009

The complicated divorce process between Knoxville and Clapp ended in July 2009 after the pair mutually settled on an agreement. It was concluded in a Los Angeles Court. 

The divorce terms covered their daughter’s monthly child support fee of $6,000. The pair also opted to share joint custody of Madison.

Knoxville’s payout of $5 million for his role in the “Dukes of Hazzard” and “Jackass” franchise was shared between him and Clapp, who got half of the residuals. Their bank accounts were split fairly in half, and Knoxville kept his stake in several production companies.

Clapp’s Daughter Followed in Her Father’s Footsteps

Clapp’s daughter, Madison, is all grown up now. Like her father, she also developed an affinity for arts and entertainment. 

Johnny Knoxville at a party with his "Jackass" friends
Johnny Knoxville at a party (Source: Pinterest)

Madison currently works as a writer and freelancer in film production. It is a far cry from her father’s dangerous profession but is just as crucial. After all, without writers, there would be no scripts; without scripts, there can be no movie productions. Without that, there would not be stunts to perform either. 

Despite Knoxville and Clapp’s lengthy divorce, Madison has a good relationship with her father and mother. She is fond of sharing their pictures on her Instagram page. Madison also has a great working relationship with her stepmom and step-siblings. Like her mother, she values privacy and keeps most of her life away from the spotlight. 

Knoxville and Clapp are not the only celebrity couple whose marriage turned sour and underwent a lengthy divorce. However, they did a great job co-parenting their daughter, who is now a hardworking individual on the path to greatness. 

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