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Megan Fox’s Thumbs: Meet The Actress With Brachydactyly

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Fans are going crazy over Megan Fox’s thumbs! Why?

Unlike most people, Megan has a condition called brachydactyly, a genetic disorder that causes very short bones, hence her quick thumbs. However, while some might feel embarrassed about this, Megan’s Fox doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Instead, she wonders why people are so fascinated with her thumb. According to her, she has other imperfections that will likely get more attention if her fans knew about them. While this might be true, the focus of her fans is on her short thumbs, and that’s what this piece covers.

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Megan Fox Shows off her thumb. (source: Pinterest)

Megan Fox’s Thumbs: What Did She Say About It?

In a 2012 appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” Megan Fox candidly discussed her thumb’s formation, which had become a target for online trolls, leading to suggestions that it made her less attractive. During the interview, she bravely admitted to struggling with body dysmorphia, making it hard to appreciate her body.

Megan revealed that she has always perceived herself differently from how others see her, and this disconnect has resulted in ongoing body image issues throughout her life. She has been keenly aware of and preoccupied with her appearance from a young age. Despite being a mother to three sons with her former husband, Brian Austin Green, she confessed that she has never truly embraced self-love for her body.

What Led to Megan Fox’s Thumbs Shortness?

Megan once revealed that during a conversation with her mother, Gloria Darlene Fox, she mentioned that she frequently consumed tuna while pregnant with Megan. This made Megan wonder if her thumb’s appearance, fat with a strange knuckle, resulted from her mother’s diet during pregnancy. But since there’s no scientific link between tuna consumption and brachydactyly, her thoughts are only speculation.

What Does Megan Fox’s Thumb Mean in Palmistry?

Megan Fox is into astrology and connected her short thumb with palmistry. She said shorter-than-normal fingers, particularly the thumb, are called a “murderer’s thumb” in palmistry.

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It is believed to be associated with having a short temper. However, Megan clarified that this is not the case for her as she has great patience. Nevertheless, she warned that when someone manages to push her over the edge, she can become quite intense and intimidating, emphasizing the intensity of her reaction. 

Megan Fox (source: Pinterest)

Megan shared her love for astrology and beliefs with Machine Gun Kelly. Also, she said in an interview that she felt something special would happen before meeting Kelly.

They met while working on a movie together, and Megan sensed deep within herself that their meeting would lead to something exciting. On the other hand, Kelly eagerly awaited even just a brief eye contact with the actress as she arrived on set.

Upon meeting, Megan instantly recognized a special connection with Kelly, referring to it as a “twin flame” relationship. She explained that a twin flame is when a soul has ascended to a level that can split into two bodies. According to her, they are two halves of the same soul. She shared this realization with Kelly early on because she felt it strongly.

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During their time together, Megan taught Kelly about his birth chart. She even correctly identified his Pisces moon based on his energy and intuition.

Megan Fox’s Relationship With Machine Gun Kelly

In an interview with Glamour UK, Megan Fox revealed that she and her ex-fiancé Machine Gun Kelly engaged in blood consumption for ritual purposes. However, she clarified that it’s not as extreme as people might imagine, with visions of drinking blood from goblets like in “Game of Thrones.” Instead, it involves just a few drops of each other’s blood.

Megan and Machine Gun Kellly (source: Pinterest)

Megan first revealed they drank each other’s blood when she announced their engagement on Instagram. She emphasized that their blood consumption is controlled and more about sharing a symbolic ritual.

Before disclosing their blood-drinking practices, Megan and Kelly were seen wearing vials of each other’s blood around their necks, This is reminiscent of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton’s well-known display of affection in the early 2000s.

The blood vials and sharing showed that Megan Fox’s thumb isn’t the only fascinating thing about her. The Hollywood star seems to be a wonder in human form.

However, she isn’t the only one who believes in abstract things as regards a deformity in their body. “Darth Vader” actor James Earl Jones suffered a speech impairment, leading him to believe he was cursed.

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