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Meet Vin Diesel’s Twin Brother, Paul Who Also Has A Career in Hollywood Career

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Although hard to believe, Vin Diesel has a twin brother, who may not be as famous, but has a part in bringing some significant movie projects to life.

Fans are all too familiar with the friendship between late actor Paul Walker and his “Fast and Furious co-star Vin Diesel. In fact, their friendship graduated into a rare brotherhood over time, so much so that Diesel walked Walker’s daughter, Meadow, down the aisle in his stead.

While the brotherhood between the costars has been celebrated for years, what many did not know is that Diesel has not one, but two biological brothers in real life. One of his brothers happens to be his twin, who may not share his physical features but is a reflection of the actor’s familial roots all the same.

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Vin Diesel and his brother Paul Vincent | Image: Pinterest

Who Is The Twin Brother Of Vin Diesel?

Although he strives to keep his personal life away from the spotlight, Vin Diesel has a twin brother who goes by the name, Paul Vincent Sinclair. Like Diesel, his twin brother came into the world on July 18, 1967.

Born in Alameda, California to Delora Sherleen and an unidentified biological dad, the brothers grew up with their mom and stepfather, Irving H. Sinclair.

Having married their mom, their stepfather adopted them and gave them his last name, Sinclair. Unlike Diesel who ditched his last name for a stage name, his bother still goes by that last name to date.

Owing to their adoptive dad’s career as an acting teacher and theatre manager, Vin Diesel and his twin brother grew up developing a passion for the arts. However, while Diesel pursued acting, Paul Vincent was more interested in working behind the scenes.

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Paul Vincent’s Career And Net Worth

Vin Diesel and his twin brother | Image: Pinterest

Vin Diesel’s twin brother Paul Vincent Sinclair also works in entertainment. Unlike his brother, who rose to fame as the star of movies like “Fast Five,” “Fast and Furious,” “Riddick,” “The Last Witch Hunter,” and “Bloodshot,” Vincent works behind the scenes as a sound engineer.

He has also collaborated with Diesel on films like “Fast and Furious,” and “Multi-Facial.” However, since his roles in these hit movies are usually behind the scenes, the 56-year-old has done a great job staying away from the spotlight.

Notwithstanding, he has managed to build an impressive net worth for himself over time. Today, Paul Vincent is worth an estimated $1.2 million per

Vincent’s Personal Life

Paul Vincent seems to have taken after his brother’s penchant for keeping his personal life away from the public eye.

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Little information about Vincent’s private life, family, kids, and relationships is known to the public. Meanwhile, his twin brother hasn’t had much luck when it comes to keeping his romance off the radars. Reports of Diesel’s relationship with longtime girlfriend and Spanish model Paloma Jimenez have surfaced. The two began dating in 2007 and have three kids together.

Vin Diesel Has Two Other Siblings

Aside from his twin brother, Vin Diesel has two other siblings, including a sister, Samantha, and a brother, Tim.

Vin Diesel and his sister Samantha | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The two have reportedly found success in their chosen careers, with Tim maintaining a scheduled life, while Samanta has a career in the movie industry. Some of her movie credits include “Riddick,” and “Fast Five.”

Her works in entertainment earned her the Bronze Lens Festival’s Vanguard Superstar Award in 2018. Samantha’s career excellence proves that talent indeed runs in the family.

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