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Meet Rose Hanbury, Prince William’s Rumored Mistress

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Rumors of an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury have made headlines over time, with neither of the involved parties stepping forward to directly debunk them.

The media’s attempt to pelt two high profile women against each other is not an alien subject, especially within the royal family. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has been a worthy target since her 2011 marriage into the royal family.

For years, the world witnessed the media dance around an alleged feud between the 40-year-old and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. While their rumored drama remains a hot topic, Middleton saw herself in the headlines again in 2021 over another rumored feud.

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Rose Hanbury, Prince William and Kate Middleton | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This time, it involved the royal mother of three and her longtime friend Rose Hanbury. Several outlets attributed the rumored feud to an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury while Middleton was pregnant with their third child.

Although the Duke of Cambridge has threatened legal action against sources spreading the rumors, the seed has since taken root across media platforms around the world. In fact, rumors of Prince William and Rose Hanbury’s secret affair have somehow taken a life of its own since it first hit the tabloids.

Ultimately, it shot Hanbury into the spotlight. Many have resorted to hauling hateful words at her on social media despite the rumors being baseless. Others are clamoring to dig out information about Prince William’s alleged mistress.

Who Is Rose Hanbury?

Rose Hanbury is a member of the British Peerage, going by the title Marchioness of Cholmondeley. She was born on March 15, 1984, in Britain in a reputable British family of high status.

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Rose Hanbury |Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

She grew up in the limelight thanks to her appearances at royal events as a friend of the Royal family. Her father, Timothy Hanbury is a website designer and her mom, Emma Hanbury, works as a fashion designer.

She also has a sister Marina Jane Hanbury, married to Edward Richard Lambton since 2010, and brother James Hanbury.

The icon attended the Stowe School in her youth. She then proceeded to a prestigious Open University in the United Kingdom to obtain a college degree.

What Does She Do?

At the age of 23, Hanbury delved into modeling, signing a contract with Storm Models. Her career as a fashion model reached new heights when the British noble and her sister Marina posed alongside the infamous Tony Blair in steaming hot pink bikinis.

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The shot drove the model to national prominence. Additionally, Hanbury pursued a career as a political researcher for Tory MVP Michael Gaye. Notably, she quit the position in 2009 due to severe morning sickness while pregnant with her twins.

Rose Hanbury’s Marriage And Family

Despite growing up among royals, Hanbury only became an official royal when she exchanged vows with David Rocksavage, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley in 2009.

The 37-year old’s marriage to Rocksavage, 23 years her senior, inducted her into the British peerage as Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Her marriage has yielded three children including twin boys Alexander Hugh George, the Earl of Rocksavage, and Oliver Timothy George, Lord of Cholmondeley, and daughter Lady Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley.

Notably, the former model welcomed her twins via C-section. By implication, they had to figure out another way of deciding which of the boys would inherit the title of Marquess since they arrived at the same time. An insider reported the couple decided to pass it on to the child that weighed more at birth.

Rose Hanbury and Her husband David Rocksavage |Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Hanbury’s Connection To The Royals Run Deeper

Aside from clinching a connection to the British peerage via marriage, Hanbury had previous ties to the royals. Her great-grandfather was the 10th Earl of Cavan. Additionally, Lady Elizabeth Lambert, Hanbury’s grandmother grew up as a British royal and had close ties with Queen Elizabeth II.

Reportedly, Lady Lambert was one of the flamboyantly dressed bridesmaids at Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s royal wedding in November 1947. Decades later, history somewhat repeated itself when Rose Hanbury attended Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal wedding in 2011.

While she was not a bridesmaid at the event, her attire drew so much attention that she was crowned one of the best-dressed at the occasion by several outlets.

Hanbury’s Relationship With The Cambridges

Rose Hanbury is reportedly neighbors with the Cambridges, with their homes, Houghton Hall and Anmer Hall located a walking distance from each other.

Despite attending the royal wedding and living only a stone’s throw away from the Cambridges, Hanbury officially became a part of their special circle around 2014.

Owing to the proximity of their homes located within the upper echelon of Norfolk, England, the group, comprising other socialites within the locality was dubbed “Turnip toffs” by the media. Hence, Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury’s friendship has lasted about a decade.

Rose Hanbury Serves As A Patron To Charitable Causes

Another connection between Hanbury and Middleton is their penchant for upholding charitable causes. Notably, both women are patrons of at least one joint charitable venture.

Reports show they serve as patronesses to the East Anglia Children’s Hospice. The group is aimed towards helping children and adults living with life-threatening diseases. It also supports families living in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk.

Notwithstanding the real story behind Rose Hanbury and Prince William’s affair, or the rumored feud between the royal brides, there’s no denying both families go way back.

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