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Meet Offset’s Daughter, Kalea Marie Cephus

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Kalea Marie Cephus is a celebrity kid famous as the daughter of American rapper, Offset. She is the first daughter of the Migos rapper, who is married to Cardi B. Offset is a successful rapper in the music industry and has millions of fans worldwide who are curious to know his kids. They are particularly curious about Kalea, who she is, and her mom. 

Meet Offset’s Daughter, Kalea Marie Cephus

Kalea Marie Cephus was born on March 23, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The adorable celebrity kid is an American citizen by birth, and like her father, she is of African-American descent. Although Kalea is not the only child of her father, she is the only child her parents had together.

Despite being a celebrity kid, most details about her life are unknown. However, Kalea Marie Cephus is in elementary school like most kids her age. She is loved by her parents, who flaunt her on their social media pages. 

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A picture of Offset's daughter, Kalea Marie Cephus
Kalea Marie Cephus. (Source: Instagram/@offsetyrn)

Meet Kalea’s Dad

As earlier stated, the celebrity kid is famous as the daughter of the prominent Migos rapper Kiari Kendrell Cephus, popularly known as Offset. He is renowned for his songs “Red Room,” “Clout,” and the notable Migos song “Avalanche.” The Red Room crooner was born on December 14, 1991, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States.

Most details about his early life are unknown, including the identity of his parents. However, he began his career as a dancer and appeared as a backup dancer in Whitney Houston’s “Whatchulookinat” video in 2002. He formed Migos with Quavo and Takeoff in 2008, and the trio gained recognition in 2013 following the release of their song “Versace.”

Since his debut with Migos, Offset has released multiple projects that have peaked on Billboard Hot 100, including his solo projects. Following the murder of his cousin and groupmate, Takeoff, Offset delayed the release of his upcoming album. Takeoff was shot on November 1, 2022, and this fueled the disbandment of Migos rumors.

Kalea Marie Cephus' dad, Offset
Migos Rapper, Offset. (Source: Instagram/@offsetyrn)

Several reports alleged that the story was based on the allegation that Offset slept with Quavo’s ex-girlfriend, Saweetie. However, these rumors are unconfirmed. 

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Although fans believe the Migos are cousins, Offset revealed in an interview with Variety Magazine that they are not. He added that he met Quavo in the sixth grade and has been close with him since.

Who Is Kalea Marie Cephus’ Mother?

Although some fans think Cardi B is Kalea’s mother, she is not. Offset had Kalea Marie Cephus with one of his ex-girlfriends, Shya L’Amour. Kalea’s mom was born Nicole Marie Algarin on November 18, 1988, in Tampa, Florida, United States. However, she adopted Shya L’Amour as her stage name for her career as a hip-hop Artist.

There is no information about Shya’s family and her early life. Her educational achievements are also unknown. However, we can confirm that she is in the entertainment business.

A picture of Kalea Marie Cephus' mom
Shya L’Amour. (Source: Instagram/@shyal’amour)

She released her debut single, “Lil’ Momma Badd,” in 2011 and has since released several other tracks. Although not a mainstream artist, Shya L’Amour’s songs have gained multiple airplay. 

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Kalea Marie Cephus’ Parents Were Together for Three Years

Although there is no information about how and where they met, Kalea’s parents became an item in 2013. However, as both are artists, they likely met at a musical event. Nevertheless, the pair kept seeing each other till Shya L’Amour became pregnant with Kalea. The pregnancy news marked the beginning of the end of their relationship.

Initially, Offset refused to acknowledge that Shya L’Amour’s pregnancy was his, and he maintained his stance for the first few months after Kalea Marie Cephus was born. Kalea’s mom, on the other hand, offered to pay for a DNA Test. However, the Migos rapper maintained that the child wasn’t his.

He eventually agreed to the test, and when the results came out, it proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was the father. Offset has been involved in Kalea Marie Cephus’ upbringing, and he even has her using his surname, as she was initially given her mother’s surname.

A beautiful picture of Offset with his daughters
Kalea and Kulture with their dad for the premiere of Disney’s Little Mermaid. (Source: Instagram/@offsetyrn)

Kalea Marie Cephus Has Four Half-Siblings

Although Kalea Marie Cephus is Offset’s only child with Shya L’Amour, she is not his only child. Further scrutiny of her father’s relationship history shows that she is one of the five children he has. Meet Kalea’s half-siblings.

Jordan Cephus

Offset had his first child and first son, Jordan Cephus, with a woman named Justine Watson in 2009. The details of their relationship are unknown. However, they welcomed their son on December 21, 2009. Although Offset and Watson are no longer together, they are great co-parents to their son. 

Kalea with her stepmom and siblings
Kalea Marie Cephus with her half-siblings and stepmom, Cardi B. (Source: Instagram/@cardib)

Kody Cephus

Kody is the second son of Offset. He was born on March 2, 2015, to Offset and his ex-girlfriend, Oriel Jamie. Although Kody’s mom got in the news for sparking drama following Offset and Cardi B’s engagement, she and Offset remain cordial for their son.

Kulture and Wave Cephus

Kulture Cephus is Offset’s fourth but Cardi B’s first child. She was born on July 10, 2018, a year after her parents tied the knot. Her brother, Wave Cephus, was born on September 4, 2021, making him the rapper’s fifth and Cardi’s second child. The celebrity couple is still together and seems to be waxing stronger despite Offset’s cheating rumors. 

With celebrity parents and a famous stepmom like Cardi B, Keala Marie Cephus is a promising celebrity kid. Like Zayden Banks, rapper Lil Durk’s son, she has the opportunities that could make her a future star.  

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