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Meet Michael Landon Jr, Who Is Carrying On His Dad’s Legacy

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Michael Landon Jr., named after his dad is fast becoming a Hollywood sensation like the late actor who played Charles Ingalls on “Little House.”

Onscreen, Michael Landon’s place as the ideal father figure was undisputable, given how he handled life as the Ingalls family patriarch and father of five on “Little House on the Prairie.”

He reflected that tender side in his real-life affairs too, fathering nine kids from three different marriages, including those he adopted.

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Following his demise in 1991, Michael Landon reflected this love for his children by sharing his resources equally between them irrespective of the identity of their biological dads.

Having set an example before his passing, his kids have such high standards to live up to. And no one has come under more expectations to live up to the late actor than his first birth son and namesake, Michael Landon jr.

Michael Landin Jr. | Image: Pinterest

Aside from sharing similar names, Landon Jr’s decision to tread the same career path has put him under more scrutiny over the years. Thankfully, he has the adequate prowess to fill the shoes the world expects of him, and more.

His film, “Love Coes Softly” is an exemplified celebration of his Hollywood excellence. Aside from winning several awards, the film, written, produced, and directed by him has made its way into viewers’ hearts, so much so that it attracted at least five more installments over the years.

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This goes to prove just how much Michael Landon Jr. took after his father talent-wise. But what else is known about his multi-talented Hollywood star besides his obvious connection to a 64, t showbiz legend?

Who Is Michael Landon Jr?

Michael Landon Jr. is the son of late actor Michael Landon, best known for playing Charles Ingalls on “Little House.”

He landed the planet on June 20, 1964, to Michael Landon and his second wife Marjorie Lynn-Fraser, the actress. Landon Jr. was born in Encino, California, and grew up basking in his life as a celebrity kid.

His early exposure to fame helped the actor begin his showbiz career at a young age. With a career spanning over twenty years, the 58-year-old has made a name for himself. He is famous for appearances as Benjamin “Benj” Cartwright in “Bonanza: The Next Generation,” “Bonanza: The Return,” and “Bonanza: Under Attack.”

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Michael Landon, their then-newborn son Michael Landon Jr. And Marjorie Lynn Noe | Image: Pinterest

His onscreen appearances over the years have snagged him numerous awards including the Telly Awward, and the Hartland Film Festival Awards.

Landon Jr’s Career

As previously stated, Michael Landon Jr. makes a living as a screenwriter, actor, producer, and director. He obtained a degree from the University of South California, and later enrolled as a directing fellow at the American Film Institute.

Since his venture into the industry, Landon Jr. has worked in various aspects of the production process. He has worked as an actor, director of photography, apprentice film editor, assistant cameraman, film loader, Steadicam operator, screenwriter, director, and production assistant.

Notably, he appeared alongside his dad on one episode of “Little House on the Prairie,” starred in the “Bonanza” series, and created one of his most famous works, “When Calls the Heart” in 2014.

With about 23 directing credits, a dozen production and writing credits, a handful of acting credits, and a couple of awards, one could say Landon Jr. indeed has a successful run in showbiz, like his dad.

Michael Landon Jr’s Personal Life

Michael Landon’s son married actress Sharee Gregory in December 1987. They have three children together, including daughters Ashley and Brittany, and son Austin. Notably, his wife is the older sister of actress Natalie Gregory.

Michael Landon Jr. identifies as a Christian, having embraced the religion at eighteen. He explored his Christian roots in the movie, “The Last Sin Eater,” which hit theatres in February 2007.

Michael Landon and his son, Michael Landon Jr.

Ahead of the movie’s release, the star opened up about his pull to Christianity and his belief. According to him, he became a Christian after his mom converted to the religion under the influence of her manicurist, and made him string along.

His own conversion took a gradual process, as he spent months resisting the nudge to attend church. But once he got the hang of it, he gave in. Landon Jr; once explained:

“I had absolutely no interest as is true with so many teens who are not raised in the church. I thought it was a bunch of hogwash. But to appease her and get her off my back, I went to church with her one day. And though I couldn’t tell you what the pastor said that day, it did speak to my heart.”

Michael Landon Jr. admittedly surrendered after about eight months of being inconsistent. He has since upheld the religion, letting it guide his values and tenets these past decades.

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