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Meet Knight Jones, the Only Child of Nas and Kelis

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Knight Jones is the product of the marriage between talented singer Kelis and rapper Nas. Kelis has taken to farming these days. However, the first look Hollywood got of her was as a teenager who became famous in the late 90s, screaming, “I Hate You So Much Right Now!” or “Caught Out There” from her debut album, “Kaleidoscope.” 

Her first album was successful but is nowhere as famous as her third album, “Milkshake.” It conquered the world, producing singles that have not been forgotten. 

It is also her last album. She married Nas, but longevity was not in the cards of their relationship. The rapper is also well-known in music and remains active, releasing hit singles and features. 

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Meet Nas and Kelis’s Son, Knight Jones

Knight Jones is the only child Nas and Kelis have together. While he was in her womb, his parents got into several disputes, eventually leading to their divorce when he was seven months old. 

Knight facepainted and having fun at his third birthday party
Knight Jones With A Happy Smile (Source: Pinterest)

By the time Knight was born in July 2009, Kelis and his father, Nas, were well into their divorce proceedings. This most likely had to do with why Nas was absent on the day of the delivery. 

Instead of him, Kelis was accompanied by her mother and sister during labor. Kelis later admitted that motherhood helped her decide to end her tumultuous relationship with Nas. 

She said:

“By the grace of God, that kid saved me. I was pregnant, and it was a mess, and I felt like I wasn’t going to bring a child into this.”

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Kelis and Nas keep information about their son private, so little is known about his personality. His privacy was one of the things they were able to agree on.

Nas and Kelis Had a Nasty Custody Battle Over Knight Jones

No matter what fault they find within each other, one thing is sure: Nas and Kelis love their son, Knight. 

Nas could not be in his delivery room, but the rapper was the first to share news of his birth with the world. Knight is his second child, but for Kelis, the boy was her first shot at being a mother.

Nas posing with his expensive neckpiece
Nas pictured in a black coat (Source: Pinterest)

When their marriage ended, the relationship between the pair devolved into a custody battle over child support and visitation. Custody battles often happen between celebrities, with one party winning primary custody.

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However, the battle between Nas and Kelis continued for years until March 2018, when they agreed on joint legal and physical custody. 

They also put together a holiday visitation schedule and child support. Nas gets custody of Knight on Father’s Day, while Kelis gets him on Mother’s Day. 

They also agreed to alternate spending time with him on birthdays, with Nas getting him on even years while Kelis was awarded the odd years. It was a brilliant conclusion to their nasty custody battle.

The former couple has moved on after settling their custody dispute. Kelis found love again with real estate agent Mike Mora, and she shares two kids with him. 

Nas and Kelis Are Not the Best Co-Parents

Despite their custody agreement, there have been several issues with Nas and Kelis’s co-parenting. For instance, Kelis claimed that Nas would disappear for months and then turn up when there was a “photo opp.”

According to her, “A parent isn’t about showing up when you feel like it. You can’t disappear for months and then show up and try to make up your own [visitation] schedule.”

Kelis posing for a shot in red
Kelis in red (Source: Pinterest)

In 2019, Nas spoke about how Kelis was breaching their custody agreements. He revealed how she denied him his right to have Knight over for New Year’s Eve, claiming there was a change in plans. 

Nas also revealed that Kelis wanted to take off to Cartagena, Colombia, where she would live with Knight and her other family. According to Nas, her denying him the chance to meet Knight for New Year’s Eve had to do with the fact that she took him to Colombia. 

The angered rapper also stated that she had withdrawn their child from his private school in LA and was homeschooling him in Colombia, where she lives on a farm with Mora. 

Nas claimed it was a breach as he was unaware of her plans. As far as he was concerned, Kelis had been keeping his child from him. Not only did he not get him for New Year’s Eve back then, but he was also denied time with Knight for Father’s Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. 

It remains unclear if Nas’s allegations are true, as Kelis never replied. However, Kelis moved back to LA with Knight and her other children after her husband died of cancer. They now live just over two hours outside the city in wine territory.

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