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Meet Indigo Wilder: His Parents Were Separated When His Mom Realized She Was Pregnant

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Indigo Wilder was born to parents whose relationship ended before they discovered his existence. However, his arrival changed the lives of both his parents. His father is Morgan Wallen, an American country music singer-songwriter who got famous in 2014 as a contestant on season 6 of “The Voice.” 

Morgan Wallen on stage
Morgan Wallen on stage (Source: Pinterest)

Two years later, he signed with Big Loud Records and released his debut album, “If I Know Me.” He followed that up with a second one titled “Dangerous: The Double Album.” 

It was released in January 2021 and became the only country album on Billboard 200 to retain the No. 1 spot for seven consecutive weeks. It also won Album of the Year at the CMA and ACM Awards.

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Indigo’s mother, Katie ‘KT’ Smith, is a popular social media personality and creator. She hails from Key West, Florida, and was born November 13, 1994. 

Although Smith and Wallen were separated when they welcomed their son, it did not affect their love for him. Indeed, they are both very present in his life. 

Meet Indigo Wilder, Morgan Wallen, and Katie Smith’s Only Child

Indigo Wilder was born in Nashville on July 10, 2020, and weighed 6lbs 13oz. Having a child outside of marriage could be harmful, like in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s case, or good, as in Wallen’s case.

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Indigo’s birth shook the singer to the core and left him a changed man. The talented singer announced Wilder’s arrival on Instagram. He paired his sweet tribute with a picture that captured him holding his newborn son. 

He wrote: “Since you came into the world Friday, I see mine differently now.” 

2020 was a challenging year for Wallen, so Indigo’s arrival brought him great joy. His happiness was untainted by his strained relationship with his first baby mama.

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Wallen also swore to be a man Indigo could proudly call father while being a fantastic co-parent with his mother. However, despite the bold declarations, the crooner admitted he was a little afraid of fatherhood. 

Of course, fear is not enough to hold the proud father back. Regardless of how being a father would make him feel, Wallen promised always to protect his son and set a good example. 

Katie Smith, Indigo’s mom, also shared news of his arrival on Instagram, accompanied by several photos taken at the hospital. She called Indigo the “perfect version” of someone who “reciprocates” love in her caption 

KT Smith posing for a shot
KT Smith posing on a farm (Source: Pinterest)

The media personality and Wallen decided to co-parent their son and have remained primarily cordial with one another to make that happen. Speaking about their relationship in 2022, he said

“I’ve got no complaints. I feel very comfortable with it, and I’m really proud of the way me and his mom handle it.” 

The Romantic Drama Between Indigo’s Parents 

Indigo Wilder’s parents met shortly after Smith left her former boyfriend. They exchanged messages via Snapchat and started hanging out more frequently after some time. 

It later went beyond them being just friends, so they started dating. Their courtship lasted a few months then they got engaged. 

Unfortunately, the engagement did not last very long. They broke it off but remained romantically involved for three more years. 

They lived together for those three years. However, in the third year, what was left of their relationship started to unravel, and eventually, they became on-and-off lovers. 

Wallen got busier at some point, going off on multiple tours simultaneously. However, despite his busy schedule, he tried to communicate and meet with Smith whenever he was not on the road. 

Smith Accused Wallen of Cheating 

Smith later accused Wallen of sleeping around while he was with her. She also claimed to understand how it could have happened because of his sudden rise to fame at a young age. 

After their split, Smith discovered that she was carrying Wallen’s baby, and pregnancy was not an easy journey for her. 

KT and Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen Celebrates Son’s 1st Birthday with Ex (Source: Instagram)

She almost died in an accident that totaled her car, eventually costing her job. This was also around the same time the COVID-19 pandemic led to lockdowns. Thankfully she had help and support from her mother, who moved in while she was pregnant. 

Smith surmounted those challenges and now lives happily as a proud mother while co-parenting with Wallen. 

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