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Ike Turner Jr.: He Rose Above His Father’s Violence and Forged His Path

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Ike Turner Jr. was born in 1958 to Ike Turner Sr. and Lorraine Taylor. He had limited time with his parents as they separated a few years after his birth. His father entered a relationship with Tina Turner in 1962, and Ike Jr. went on to live with them, eventually being adopted by Tina.

Ike Jr. began assisting his parents in their recording studio at a young age after his father took him out of school at 13. Unsurprisingly, considering his background, Ike Jr. decided to pursue a career in the music industry. He is open about his challenges growing up and how he found his path in the music world.

Ike Sr. and Ike Turner Jr. (source: Pinterest)

Ike Turner Jr.’s Siblings

Despite Ike Turner Sr. being a violent man, he managed to father six children from four different women. Ike Turner Sr. became a father for the first time with his girlfriend, Lorraine Taylor, and they welcomed their Ike Jr. in 1958. His brother, Michael Turner, was born a year later in 1959.

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Additionally, Ike Jr. had two sisters from his father’s subsequent relationships, Mia Turner and Twanna Melby Turner. After his Father married Tina, Ike Jr. also had a stepbrother named Craig Turner from Tina’s previous relationship and a half-brother named Ronnie Turner, the only biological son of Tina and Ike.

Ike Jr.’s Violent History

Being the only mother he knew, Ike Jr. went on to stay with and work for Tina as a sound engineer after she divorced his father. Sadly Ike Turner Sr. didn’t take this lightly. According to Ike Jr., his father pistol-whipped him for working for Tina.

Ike Turner Sr. struck him in the head with a nickel-plated .45 pistol. Ike Jr. also revealed that his father subjected him to counting money until his hands turned grey. In addition to the violent incident, Ike Jr. reflected on his parents’ consistent absence, resulting in him and his siblings being primarily raised by their housekeepers.

Despite having worked for his father since age 13 and enduring various undocumented mistreatment, Ike Jr. chose to forgive his father and wished for him to rest in peace. However, he expressed sadness over his stepmother, Tina Turner, completely turning her back on him and his brothers.

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What Happened to Ike Turner Jr. After Tina Turner Abandoned Him and His Siblings?

After Tina Turner escaped her abusive marriage and settled in Switzerland, she found love and happiness with Erwin Bach. However, her stepson, Ike Jr., felt abandoned by her. He believed she turned her back on him and his siblings in the United States.

Ike Jr. and his family. (source: Pinterest)

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Ike Jr. spoke about Tina being the only mother figure he had known but sadly revealed that they had not spoken since 2000. He believes that Tina distanced herself from her life with his father, Ike Sr., and consequently disconnected herself from her children. 

Ike Jr. mentioned that he and his siblings are financially supported through a trust fund, and he occasionally communicated with his youngest half-brother, Ronnie Turner. Sadly, Ronnie passed away in December 2022 due to complications from metastatic colon carcinoma. He also talked about how his brother Craig worked in real estate before tragically dying by suicide. 

He added that his brother Michael Turner resides in a convalescent home in Southern California. Though Tina sent him money while alive, she did not visit him. Ike Jr. lost his father to an overdose on December 12, 2007, while Tina died at age 83 in 2023.

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Ike Turner Jr. Career

From a young age, Ike Jr. joined his parents on tour, so music came naturally to him. Ike Jr. played a significant role in producing his father’s Grammy-winning album, “Risin’ With The Blues,” released in 2006. Later, he formed a band called The Love Thang. A tribute to his parents and former Ikette Randi Love, known as Sweet Randi Love.

Tina and Ike Sr. (source: Pinterest)

In 2017, the band released their first single titled “Freaky!.” Consequently, Ike Turner Jr. achieved success as a Grammy Award-winning musician.

The Love Thang and Ike Jr. prefer maintaining a low profile and avoiding media attention, resulting in limited updates about their current activities. However, it can be assumed that they may be touring and carrying on Ike Sr.’s musical legacy through their performances.

Ike Jr. is not the only celeb to rise to stardom despite experiencing loss and heartbreak. Ella Bleu climbed the ladder of success against all odds. She went from being a heartbroken girl to a celebrated model.

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