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Matt Damon Shares Three Daughters with Wife Luciana Barroso: Who Are They?

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Matt Damon considers his daughters as the light of his world, never ceasing to gush about them at every turn.

Actor Matt Damon has been a Hollywood golden boy for decades, with films like “The Bourne Identity,” and “Saving Private Ryan” setting him apart. However, what many do not know is that the star is more than just a Hollywood heartthrob.

In his personal life, Damon is happily married to wife Luciana Bozan Barroso and has been since 2005. The couple share three daughters who have a great relationship with their father.

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In a July 2021 interview, the star went candid about his life as a dad, and how his fatherhood journey changed him. The interview gave fans a peek into Matt Damon’s beautiful relationship with his daughters.

Matt Damon with his wife and daughters | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Who Are Matt Damon’s Daughters?

Matt Damon has three biological children with his wife of seventeen years Luciana Barroso. They are Isabella Damon, his eldest, and her two younger siblings Stella and Gia Damon.

Aside from his daughters, Matt is also a stepdad to Alexia Barroso, Luciana’s daughter from a previous relationship.

The kids recently made the headlines after they were spotted with their parents boarding a flight out of Georgia. Prior to that, the family attended the grand wedding of Matt’s best friend Ben Affleck, to actress Jennifer Lopez which took place in Georgia in August 2022.

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1. Isabella Damon

In June 2006, Matt Damon and Luciana welcomed their first child together, Isabella Damon, shortly after their marriage.

Now sixteen, the youngster is already proving herself to be as daring as her dad. The actor once admitted his eldest daughter refuses to see his movie, “Good Will Hunting,” or any of his other iconic movies.

According to him, she did so to give him a hard time, as her way of ensuring he kept his feet firmly on the ground at all times. Aside from keeping her dad grounded, Isabella is a great sister to her two younger siblings.

2. Gia Zavala Damon

Matt Damon and daughter Gia | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Two years after Isabella’s birth, Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso become parents again. Their daughter, Gia Zavala Damon, arrived in August 2008 and has quickly proven herself a dad’s favorite.

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The father-daughter duo has been seen out and about on occasions, bonding over exciting adventures. For her 11th birthday in 2019, Matt treated his daughter and her friends to an adventure in Disneyland, California.

Notably, his tendency to indulge his kids and lavish on them has its limits, as his desire to not raise spoiled children supersedes all else. The actor once divulged:

“When people send stuff to my kids, my kids have everything they need, so we pass it right on. This is the life we’re giving them. It’s hard to try to figure out how to give them perspective. It’s a source of tension in the family at times.”

Seeing as Gia, like the rest of her siblings is growing into an amazing kid, Matt’s parenting tactics are certainly paying off.

3. Stella Damon

Stella Damon is the youngest of Matt Damon and Luciana’s daughters. The youngster joined the family in 2010, completing them in ways Matt would never have imagined.

Five years after her birth, the “Invictus” actor gushed about his kids, and how their arrival inspired him. He explained that his whole world opened up, and changed in a wonderful way after becoming a dad. Since then, he admittedly felt at the “receiving end of all the good stuff.”

4. Alexia Barroso

Matt Damon and Alexia Barroso | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Even before the arrival of his first child, Matt Damon already had his first taste of fatherhood. Upon his marriage to Luciana, he became a loving stepdad to her daughter, Alexia Barroso, who has since blended in as part of the family.

Alexia was born in 1999, to Luciana and her ex-husband Arbello. After the marriage ended, the mother-daughter duo relocated to Miami from Argentina to begin anew.

At the time, Alexia was only four but quickly became accustomed to her new life. Today, she is an avid soccer lover and is pursuing a degree in education in a private school in New York City.

Additionally, she has an interest in acting, appearing alongside her stepdad in the 2011 movie, “We Bought a Zoo.”

Who Is Matt Damon’s Wife?

Matt Damin and his wife | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The mother of Matt Damon’s kids, Luciana Barroso is an Argentina-born woman, who met her husband as a single mom. At the time of their meeting, the 45-year-old was working as a bartender in Miami.

Matt was in town filling “Stuck on You,” when she caught his eyes upon hitting her bar with his crew one night. While trying to hide from enthusiastic, mostly drunk fans at the bar, he ended up behind her bar. It gets more interesting.

Luciana made him work with her, in exchange for waiting out his assailants. It turned into a fun night for the duo, who soon became an item.

Interestingly, Damon is hardly the only star to end up with one of his fans. Celebrities like Nicolas Cage, Ruben Studdard, Elvis, and Justin Bieber ended up with women who idolized them long before they ever met. Indeed, love comes in any form!

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