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Mary Lee Harvey Was Steve Harvey’s Second Wife: Their Split Traumatised Her

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Mary Lee Harvey is best known as Steve Harvey’s second Wife. Steve is a famous TV personality who has enjoyed much success. He has a great family, loves his job, and is well respected. 

However, things were not always like that for him. In the past, Steve was homeless, and before he struck gold with his current marriage, he had been married twice. 

This time, we focus on his second marriage to Mary Lee Harvey, who claimed Steve destroyed her life. Here is all we know about Mary and what happened between her and Steve. 

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Who Is Mary Lee Harvey? 

Mary rose to fame after marrying Steve Harvey. She and the famous host ran into each other in 1989 in the most mundane of places —  a mall in Arlington, Texas. 

Steve Harvey with Mary Lee Harvey
Steve Harvey with Mary Lee Harvey (Source: Pinterest)

Not much is known about Mary’s history before she met Steve, but it is believed that she was a makeup artist at the time of their first meeting. After their marriage, Mary became a housewife, caring for their home and raising two kids. She already had a child before her marriage to Steve. 

His name was Steven, and he was the product of her previous relationship. She and Steve also welcomed a child named Wynton Harvey while they were together. 

Mary Lee Harvey’s Bio

Mary Vaughn Harvey entered this world on October 20, 1960. According to an old Youtube video, she had a toxic relationship with her father and always longed for the missing bond. 

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She confessed in the video: “Coming from my childhood and father’s house, which was unpleasant for me. I was looking for a relationship I never had, even with my father.” Mary became famous after her marriage to Steve, who is known as the “busiest man in Hollywood.” 

When Did Steve Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey Get Married? 

Mary married Steve Harvey in 1996. After the wedding, things went smoothly for the couple at first. They remained married for nearly a decade, during which Mary witnessed Steve’s career grow while she supported him behind the scenes. 

The announcement of their divorce shocked all of Hollywood but not as much as how ugly the split became. Mary made terrible claims against him and maintained that the comedian ruined her life. 

Mary Lee Harvey’s Interview 

In an interview in 2011, Mary shared her side of what happened between her and Steve. Infidelity was one of the major causes of their split. 

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According to her, she once nabbed a confidential letter that was addressed to Steve and delivered to their LA home. The letter’s contents revealed a mistress and details of their affair, but that was not all. 

Steve Harvey with Mary Lee Harvey
Steve Harvey with Mary Lee Harvey on the red carpet (Source: Pinterest )

On a different occasion, Mary picked up a phone call directed to their home, and the person on the other end was a woman who claimed she was following up on a job application to work for Steve. 

Mary said, “Well, I don’t believe I’m taking applications in my kitchen.” The call had Mary suspicious, and it turned out she was right to have been because the woman who called was Marjorie Bridges, Steve’s mistress and future third wife.

Their divorce allegedly traumatized Mary, and she was quite vocal about it. She made several media appearances to discuss what happened and reveal what Steve reportedly did to her. For one, she said he never showed up to their divorce hearing. Then she also told said she was devastated when he took Wynton from her.

Steve later took legal action against Mary Lee Harvey. He claimed she had something to do with him being denied a show on Oprah’s OWN network. He also made his lawyers draft a letter for her to sign, claiming she was behind the spread of the negative rumors about him.

Steve never owned up to her allegations. When he addressed the matter, he only expressed regret his kids had to experience the messy affair. 

Mary Lee Harvey Birthday 

She was born on October 20, 1960, so she celebrates her birthday every October. 

Mary Lee Harvey Instagram 

Steve Harvey’s second wife has flown under the radar ever since she was ordered by the court to desist from talking about her divorce from Steve. She is believed to have no Instagram page, even though multiple fake pages claim to be hers. 

Mary Lee Harvey Jail 

No records claim Mary Lee Harvey has been in jail for any reason. 

How Old Is Mary Lee Harvey?

Mary is currently 63 years old. She will celebrate her 64th birthday on October 20. 

Mary Lee Harvey Son

Mary’s son is Wynton Harvey, the child she had with Steve Harvey before their marriage fell apart. 

Steve Harvey with Mary Lee Harvey (Source: Pinterest )
Steve Harvey with Mary Lee Harvey (Source: Pinterest )

Mary Lee Harvey Net Worth

How much Mary is worth is currently unknown. However, it is believed that she walked away from her divorce with considerable money. Unfortunately, the precise amount they reached in their settlement was not disclosed. 

Mary Lee Harvey Now

Mary currently lives in California, USA. After what happened between her and Steve, Mary faded into obscurity, choosing to live privately. It is unknown what she has been up to since then, but we know she is alive and well. 

Many pity her for being unable to talk about her divorce but hope she has put what happened behind her. Her divorce from Steve Harvey is one of the most messy splits Hollywood has witnessed and will not be quickly forgotten.

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