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“When It Comes To His Relationship With Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg Says, “Love is Love:” Inside Their Unbreakable Bond

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American rapper Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s friendship is one many has pondered over for years. Although the pair bonded over cooking, their relationship has since blossomed into something beautiful. 

The best friend duo, Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart, have been described as an unlikely match. However, they are one of the most admirable celebrity friends to look out for on the internet. 

These two have been friends for over a decade, and it’s all about love and making power moves when they are together. Check out the timeline of Stewart’s long-running friendship with Snoop Dogg.

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How Did They Meet?

It is safe to say that the probability that Snoop Dogg, an A-list rapper, and Martha Stewart, a chef and lifestyle coach, would become friends seems almost infeasible due to their varying social circle. 

However, the pair connected right from the start when Snoop appeared on Stewart’s now-defunct show, “The Martha Stewart Show,” in 2008. During the cooking segment, they laughed and shared ideas while Stewart taught the “Gin & Juice” rapper how to make mashed potatoes.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Image: YouTube/Today

They would later meet again on the same show the following year, and this time they made brownies. This further cemented their bond as Stewart, and the star rapper joked about marijuana. 

It became a regular thing for them to meet up on her show and many were not surprised to see Stewart and Snoop Dogg together again for a Christmas episode of the cooking show. Through the 2010s, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s friendship grew tremendously on and off social media.

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Becoming BFFs

The public figures would continue to meet up for projects or show love to one another on social media. Once during a Reddit AMA session, Martha revealed that she wished she was a “closer friend with Snoop Dogg.” 

Stewart did get her wish in the years that followed. In 2015, she and the award-winning rapper were spotted having fun on stage during Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Beiber. 

The pair sat close and picked up from where they left off. Snoop Dogg once shared that he had quite an epiphany after the Comedy Central show because he realized he wanted “to be alongside this lady for the rest of my life.”

Image: YouTube/Today

Their Unlikely Friendship

As the pair grew closer, there were often speculations about what they had in common to foster such a significant bond. There were even assumptions made of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart dating.

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However, this speculation seems to have been laid to rest. They have proved to be BFFs who enjoyed having fun and taking on big projects, having had several memorable TV moments.

Snoop and Stewart’s string of TV projects first began after producer SallyAnn Salsano perceived the chemistry and bond between the pair. She pitched them for a co-hosting show, and the friends reached a consensus.

Some of their hilarious moments on their TV show had the close friends reenacting scenes from classic Hollywood movies. In one of their promotional videos, the besties re-created the pottery scene from the 1990’s “Ghost.” 

Rather than mold clay, the stars humorously put the icing on a cake. In another of their reenactments, the famous businesswoman and the “California Girls” rapper added a twist to Titanic. 

What Do They Think Of Each Other?

Stewart and Snoop are no doubt fond of each other as they often spend time together. However, she did acknowledge that they are a “weird couple.” Snoop, on his own, commended Stewart for pioneering how rappers joined daytime TV. 

He also admitted that they were “odd’ but fit right in with time. The “Beautiful” crooner stated that cooking with Stewart on her show just “seemed like the right space to be in.” 

Snoop Dogg and Martha stewart
Image:YouTube/Nick Swift

The award-winning rapper has also shared that the moment he realized they should foster a closer friendship was at the “Roast of Justin Bieber.” He recalled that Stewart was the best roaster, and she stole the show.

Snoop once said of their “Potluck Dinner Party” show and how it reflects his and Stewart’s friendship. He shared: “This show shows you that people can get along, people can work together, people can love each other, no matter where they come from, or how they were brought up.” 

Over the years, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s friendship has only ever strengthened. The two always have sweet things to say about each other. While Stewart has shared that she liked his “laid-back and outspoken” personality, Snoop says she is the big sister he never had. 

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