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‘Magic Mike’ Actor, Matthew McConaughey Keeps His Late Father’s Spirit Alive by Helping Students Succeed

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American actor and producer, Matthew McConaughey is known for his remarkable works in the movie industry, starring in blockbusters like “Magic Mike.” Underneath the greed-driven, drug mogul portrayed in the movie lies a heart of gold.

Matthew McConaughey starred in the 2012 movie, “Magic Mike,” as Dallas, the owner of the Xquisite strip club. In contrast to the die-hard business-oriented man he portrayed in the film,  the 50-year-old is a real-life philanthropist, silently sponsoring a range of charity ventures.


The icon made his entertainment debut in 1991 at twenty-two. His stint on “Dazed And Confused” in 1993 marked the beginning of his life of fame. About two years later, McConaughey landed his first breakthrough role, as the lead in the drama, “A Time To Kill.”

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Since venturing into the spotlights, the actor has featured in several other movies such as “The Newton Boys,” “The Wedding Planner,” “Frailty,” “Failure To Launch,” “Gold,” “Mud,” “Killer Joe,” and “The Gentlemen,” among others. McConaughey’s numerous movie roles have earned him multiple awards and accolades. The most prominent was the Academy Award for Best Actor, for his stint on the 2013 biopic, “Dallas Buyers Club.”


The “Magic Mike” star has a big heart that keeps him engaged in various charitable ventures. His efforts rescuing and adopting stranded pets after Hurricane Katrina has gone down in history as one of his outstanding deeds.

For over two decades, Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, have been giving back to society in more ways than one. Through their charity foundation, Just Keep Livin, the duo has taken no fewer than 3,000 teenagers in the United States under their care. Majority of the beneficiaries are kids who come from less-privileged families.

Over the years, a good percentage of these high schoolers have made it into colleges, including Ivy League schools. The McConaugheys’ good works have indeed put a smile on lots of faces, eased parents off a great deal of burden, built several futures and invariably, kept a lot more people out of juvie and prisons.

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The Just Keep Livin Foundation is a charity organization founded in 2008 by McConaughey and his 38-year-old wife, Camila Alves. The foundation boasts of about 84 teachers in 34 high schools in the U.S. The program seeks to help teenagers deal with their real-life situations while gaining an education.

The McConaugheys ensure the participants are not restricted by age, GPA, insecurities, family background, or home life. It gives everyone an opportunity just to be themselves, the star explained.

When asked about the origin of their commitment to the program, Matthew McConaughey’s wife described how the birth of their first son in 2008 prompted their decision. Following the birth of her son, Levi, she recalled, they discovered that the first person to publish a photo of the newborn would earn $1million. Knowing it was a huge amount that could change many lives, they resolved instead to do an exclusive, secure the money and invest in the life-changing foundation.

Since establishing JKL, the actor has donated sums exceeding 1.5 million to charity. His good deeds have listed him among one of the most generous actors.

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The name, “Just Keep Living” was more than just a catchphrase. The actor admittedly came up with it several years before actively starting the foundation. During an interview, McConaughey opened up about his first run-in with JKL almost three decades ago. He said his father’s passing and the realization that he was gone for good made him determined to keep his father’s spirit alive.

What better way than making the decision to “just keep livin,” with every decision he made, hence the mantra.

The JKL foundation is based on the idea that giving back to society was a huge part of living.


McConaughey and his dad had a good father-son relationship, so much so that his dad’s memories helped shape his character in the “Gold” series. He admitted this during the movie’s premiere in 2017. The actor gave his late father all the credit while recounting several growing-up experiences with him.

The actor has also been open about his relationship with his mom, who lives in Austin. McConaughey once disclosed that he lived in Austin, Texas, with his family despite his flourishing Hollywood career, just to be close to his mom.


After watching his parents live out their love story, survive two divorces and three marriages to each other, and bring him up to become the best version of himself, McConaughey knew he had what it took to build his own family.

The icon tied the knot with his wife, Camila Alves, in 2012, several years after they became a couple. Together, they share three children, including two sons, Levi and Levingston, and a daughter, Vida.

Matthew McConaughey’s kids, Levi and Vida, who joined the family in 2008 and 2010, respectively, served as ring bearers at their parent’s wedding. Livingston arrived in 2012, six months after the wedding.

With a beautiful wife, amazing kids, and numerous charitable deeds, McConaughey’s quest to keep his father’s spirit alive has undoubtedly attained accomplishment.

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