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Was There a Love Triangle Between Lori Harvey, Diddy and His Son?

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Lori Harvey and Diddy once had something but their fling came after rumours of a relationship with his son. Did she play both sides?

Lori Harvey is famous for quite a number of things including her interesting love life. She has dated high-profile men other women can only dream of being with. According to some reports, this list includes Diddy and his son Justin Combs.

There have been reports that Lori Harvey dated both Diddy and his son. However, none of them has confirmed this and members of the public are left to grasp at straws as they try to make sense of the vortex that is Lori Harvey’s love life.

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The Mogul and His Son

Sean Diddy Combs is one name that comes to mind when the word “mogul” is mentioned. He rose as a director and then graduated to owning his own music label which by now has cultivated talents like Mariah Carey, Lil’ Kim and many others. 

Diddy and Son, Justin Combs
Image: Facebook

He is also a well-known actor and executive producer in film and TV with many credits to his name. Outside of music and movies, he also has a reputation as a lifestyle brand with his fingers dipped in a variety of projects. 

As a father, he is just as successful, with seven gorgeous kids he raised while creating his empire. One of them, Justin, grew up to become an actor and footballer, and according to some rumours, he once got involved with Harvey whom his father reportedly dated. 

Lori Harvey and Diddy’s Relationship

On July 24, 2021, Harvey’s fans were shocked when they woke up to pictures that captured the talented Lori Harvey and Diddy wearing matching clothes in NYC.

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Diddy photographed with a smiling Lori Harvey on one of their outings

The picture was innocent but the implication was scandalous because she was supposed to have dated his son. 

It was but one of their seemingly random outings together. According to reports, the pair had been seen together at several other events in 2019. 

In fact, she had to shut down rumours of an engagement later on after she was pictured sporting a diamond ring on her finger. Still, some claim that there had been something between the pair even though it did not last long. 

There is some truth to that. According to some reports, Lori Harvey and Diddy have been family friends for a long time because he is close to her father, Steve Harvey. 

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However, sources denied rumours of their romantic entanglement and neither Diddy nor Harvey openly confirmed what was between them. 

Pictures of them hanging out on numerous occasions became commonplace for some time on the internet until later in 2019 when she unfollowed him. 

Around that time, Diddy told those around him he was single. A source called Diddy’s relationship with Harvey a “fun fling” and claimed that the mogul was not interested in anything long-term with her.

Lori Harvey’s Relationship with Justin Combs

According to some reports, Harvey and Justin got involved romantically. However both parties never publicly confirmed the speculations so the answer has remained vague. 

image: Pinterest

When the drama of Lori Harvey and Diddy’s alleged relationship surfaced, the mogul did not make any comments on it. 

He maintained his silence. There was a lot of backlash because of the rumours. Justin Even when Justin got called out by netizens who thought it was a scandal for father and son to have gotten involved with the same woman. 

Did Lori Harvey Really Date Diddy and His Son?

Lori Harvey has publicly denied rumours that she dated both father and son. At first, all parties involved in the three-way rumour refused to comment on it. So speculations remained until earlier this year when Harvey stepped up. 

When Justin did speak about the topic, his words implied that something may have been going on. According to him, they were both being private which he claimed was up to them. 

It was during an interview with E! News host Adrienne Bailon that she admitted it was normal for her to hear misconceptions about her love life.

She said:

“It’s so funny, because I’m so quiet, there’s been so many stories that have been made up about me. I’ve seen stories about me being fully in love with somebody, and we have this whole relationship, and I’ll see the guy, and I’m like, ‘I’ve actually never even met him before.” 

Harvey followed that up by referencing old rumours of her involvement with Diddy and his son then sharing her stance. She said

“I’ve heard I dated a father and son before. Absolutely not true.”

Harvey is famous for her past relationships with other men of value. Some of them include Lewis Hamilton, Trey Songz, Future and Michael B. Jordan. 

The model and entrepreneur is now dating Damson Idris; however, recent reports have claimed that their relationship may have ended. Fortunately, neither of them has confirmed this so fans have their fingers crossed. 

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