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Lisa Baur: A Peek Into the Actress’s Private Life 

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Lisa Baur is a famous American actress known for keeping her life as private as possible. Here’s an exclusive peek into her life. 

Lisa Baur had a fantastic start to her career, bagging roles in major Hollywood blockbusters such as “Charlie’s Angels” and “Animal House.” Surprisingly, she only graced our screens for a few years and has not been seen acting since. 

Why did Lisa Baur stop acting, and why does she keep all the information about her private? Keep reading to find out!

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Who Is Lisa Baur?

Lisa Baur is a former American actress famous from the ’70s to the ’90s for her roles in several acting projects. She is one of the few actresses who has been quite successful at keeping most of her personal information away from the public for reasons best known to her. 

Lisa Baur
Lisa Baur. (Source: Facebook)

Baur is so tight-lipped about her personal life that even her exact date of birth remains widely unknown. Many sources guess that she was born in the 1940s, while a few others claim that she was born in the 1950s. 

According to reports, Baur was born on December 1, 1947. She reportedly spent most of her childhood in Atlantic, Iowa, also her birthplace. It is unclear if she grew up with any siblings or is an only child. The identities of her family and friends are also unknown, just like that of her parents. 

Lisa Baur’s Educational History 

The details of Baur’s educational qualifications are surprisingly not as heavily guarded as the rest of her life’s information. The former actress had her early education in Iowa but moved to Colorado soon after graduating high school. 

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There, she attended one of the country’s top colleges, Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. She graduated with a degree linked to the entertainment industry and decided to further her training by enrolling at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College. This was also a public junior college where she reportedly gained much hands-on experience. 

Lisa Baur, the Actress

Baur’s career as an actress is one to remember, however fleeting it may have been. She stood out to the audience of her shows and also caught the attention of the top executives in the industry. 

She started with more minor roles before bagging her first major gig in the TV show, “Charlie’s Angels.” Baur played a small part in the series, which aired on ABC from September 22, 1976, to June 24, 1981. 

Lisa Baur
Lisa Baur in Charlie’s Angels. (Source: Pinterest)

Finally, in 1978, Baur got her big break when she was cast in National Lampoon’s “Animal House.” This is her most notable role to date and is the reason why she is fondly remembered in Hollywood several decades after it was aired. 

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Lisa Baur’s Movies

Baur’s acting career was relatively short for someone with her talent, but it was a decision she made for herself. Many believe she did not want to be in the spotlight for long and preferred to stay completely out of it. 

Because of this, Baur only had about three credited roles during her career. They are: 

  • Charlie’s Angels, 
  • Animal House, and 
  • The Firing Line. 

Lisa Baur’s Role in “Animal House” as Shelly Dubinsky

Baur’s most highly proclaimed role was as Shelly Dubinsky in the movie “Animal House.” She played a naive schoolgirl in the satire film, which had an incredible amount of success when it hit the cinemas. 

The film grossed around $141.6 million, which is no easy feat considering its time of release and the lack of social media for PR. Baur, along with her other co-stars, were applauded for their excellent performances, which etched their names in the walls of Hollywood history for many decades to come. 

Lisa Baur. (Source: Pinterest)

Much to the dismay of fans, this was not just Baur’s most acclaimed performance but also her last sighting on screen. 

Where Is Lisa Baur Now?

The former actress quit acting not long after her success in “Animal House,” and did the wisest thing she could have done. She invested a considerable portion of her earnings into several businesses and has been better off. 

Thanks to the returns on her investments, she dived fully into the business world in 1985 and has flourished ever since. Today, she has her own company and shop called “Living Light Candles,” which sells various types of candles. 

Her love for candles and learning how to make them is reportedly how she met her husband, Heinz. The two share a mutual love for candies and now run their business together. According to various sources, they live together on The Golden Bay Property in New Zealand with their family. 

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