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Lindsay Nichols Was Murdered Gruesomely By Her Ex: He Was Obsessed With Her

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The only mistake Lindsay Nichols made was updating her relationship status on Facebook. 

Nichols was a student studying radiology at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo. While there, she crossed paths with Dr. Timothy Roses, the man who would eventually take her life. 

Nichols was a passionate woman. As a teen, she was involved in many things, including cheerleading, volleyball, and softball. She graduated from Waterloo East High School and was studying hard to take her Iowa State Radiology Board exams. 

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Lindsay Nichols
Lindsay Nichols in a cheerleading outfit (Source: Pinterest)

According to her uncle, she hoped that one day, she would be able to make a difference in other lives. Nichols seemed to have dated Roses secretly, never mind that he was a married man who lived in Rockwall with his wife and kids.

It would seem like she got away with it, but when she eventually broke up with him, the doctor reacted in a way she never imagined. Or was it expected, given the pattern that emerged from his behavior following their breakup?

What Happened to Lindsay Nichols?

When Nichols broke up with Roses early in 2012, he could not accept it. He started to obsess over her, and it got so obvious that she became aware of it. 

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She updated her status a month before her death on Facebook with a revelation and a declaration. The big reveal was that she had broken up with her boyfriend and that he was calling her friends in an attempt to locate her and know who she was with. 

The declaration was made on February 3, 2012, and Nichols wrote: “An invasion of privacy, it needs to stop.”

Later that day, she added: “I don’t think I should ever feel unsafe because I feel as if I’m being watched.”

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As time passed after their breakup, Nichols continued to worry about Roses’ behavior. Her friends sensed something was amiss and urged her to report him to the police or get a restraining order against him.

However, she never took their advice. The month before her death, Nichols revealed that she had fallen in love with another man by updating her relationship status on Facebook. 

Lindsay Nichols smiling
Lindsay Nichols all smiles (Source: Pinterest)

It was a big mistake, as many have speculated that it let Roses know she was seeing someone new. 

What Roses Did to Lindsay Nichols 

When Roses finally tracked down Nichols, he found she was with a new man named Chase Weber. Her death came hours after. 

According to reports, Roses followed Nichols to her new lover’s home. He tried to get her in his vehicle, but she refused, and he shot her in the driveway. After he fatally shot her, Roses turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger.

Her boyfriend witnessed it all happen and was the one who called 911. Another witness was Kevin Brown, who lived across the street from the gruesome scene. He said he heard three shots ring out around 9 pm that day.

It was also found that Roses shot himself around that same time. The radiologist and Nichols were located near an intersection in Jesup, where Weber lived. The doctor had already passed on when emergency responders arrived, but Nichols died later in the hospital. 

How Her Death Impacted Those Around Her 

Nichols lived a vibrant life and came from a locally beloved family. Her father was the city’s parks commissioner and a Black Hawk County Sheriff’s deputy. 

Lindsay Nichols wearing a smile
Lindsay Nichols smiling (Source: Pinterest)

Also, her grandfather was the mayor of their town. Nichols’ family was very involved in their local community and loved by many. So when news of her demise made headlines, it made many people emotional. 

Reports claim that as many as 300 people gathered on the steps of Waterloo’s East High to hold a candlelight vigil for Nichols after her death. Many expressed shock at what happened; others talked about how much she impacted their lives. 

Deaths, especially ones as tragic as Nichols’, often break many hearts. Nichols was no star, but her community’s reaction to her death brings to mind the outpour that followed Kobe Bryant’s unexpected death. 

Nichols’ tragedy happened several years ago, but those she left behind continue to celebrate her life. 

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