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Leaked Google Spreadsheet Shows Company’s Staff Salary

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Tech has evolved dramatically over the last couple of years. These days, the tech industry is now one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Also, Google has become one of the top names in tech.

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People have always speculated about the salaries of Google’s employees. However, although the base salary was public information, bonuses, and equity were closely guarded secrets. That was until now, anyway. A leaked internal spreadsheet from Google has now shown the rest of the world exactly how much staff earn, including bonuses and equity.

The Leaked Google Spreadsheet Contained a Lot of Information

Since the information was leaked, it has been the hot topic of many conversations. Everyone knew Google employees were well paid, but no one could say precisely how well they were paid.

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The spreadsheet had information on all the employees who provided their details. It included the position, minimum equity, maximum equity, bonus, bonus percentage minimum, and maximum. So, the person who leaked the information used job titles to create graphs that indicate the highest and lowest earners in each category.

Highest Paying Jobs in Google

According to the leaked document, there are three highest-paying jobs at Google. They are enterprise direct sales, engineering manager for software, and software engineer. Enterprise direct sales comes third, with the highest-paid salesperson earning $377,000 annually. Engineering managers rank second, with the highest-paid manager making $400,000.

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However, the highest-paid employees at Google are software engineers. The highest-paid software engineer makes $718,000 annually.

Software Engineers are Top Earners 

The various charts from the spreadsheet highlight the highest salary, equity, bonuses, and the different job titles at Google. It was interesting to note that software engineers always claimed the top spot.

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Also, software engineers have the most bonuses at $605,000, the highest equity at $1.5 million, and the highest base salary.

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The Lowest Earners at Google

Conversely, the lowest-paying jobs vary across the lists. For example, employees who work under technical solutions have the lowest maximum equity. UX designers have the lowest highest bonus, and the highest-paid program manager earns less than other positions.

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However, the least paid Google employees are media accounts specialists and those who work with HR benefits/child care. They earn $106,000 and $79,109 annually, respectively.

Equity for Google Employees

Another exciting thing about the leaked Google spreadsheet is that it points out the minimum and maximum equity for each role. This equity means that employees get paid through stocks. Thankfully, Google stocks are worth a lot on the market today.

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This means that software engineers have the potential to make a lot of money because they could earn up to $1.5 million in company shares. Meanwhile, program managers can only earn a maximum of $400,000.

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Average Earnings

However, it is essential to note that the spreadsheet only highlighted the maximum earnings for Google employees. They are not average. This means that although the highest-paid software engineer makes $718,000, the average software engineer could earn anywhere between $100,000 and $375,000.

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Google pays its employees very well. Even the average salary at the company is more than the national average. That’s why people often ask, how can Google afford to pay its employees so much?

Google Can Afford Big Paychecks

Well, Google is one of the companies under Alphabet. Alphabet owns social media, smart devices, and several brands that most people use worldwide. At the moment, Alphabet’s net worth is over $1.7 trillion. The number went up by 49.75% in 2023.

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Another similar tech giant is Meta. Meta owns Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Threads. The company is currently worth $882.71 billion. The average salary of employees within Meta is $296,000, while Google’s is $280,000.

Work-Life at Google is Outstanding

While the outstanding salary at Google is enough to make many people wish they worked there, there’s still the question of whether employees like working there. The great thing is that Google has an impressive track record of creating a comfortable workspace for employees.

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Google’s offices have beautiful aesthetics, ergonomic chairs, open-plan offices, and even games like climbing walls, ping pong, etc. Also, most employees agree that Google is an excellent workplace, and they love it there.

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Job Opportunities at Google

So, if you already work in the tech industry and are seeking a better opportunity or want to kickstart your career, it is a great idea to keep an eye on job opportunities at Google. However, there’s no way to be certain when there will be vacancies.

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Also, the tech industry has become a very competitive one. There are thousands of programmers, developers, and other tech experts around the world. These days, even more people are becoming part of the tech space. This is because it offers the potential to create the next big thing in the market and also earn a lot of money while at it.

The Tech Industry is Growing

The number of tech-savvy people worldwide is more than they were about a decade ago. There’s now a lot of focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Even Google recently introduced its own AI model, Gemini.


Google says Gemini is a competent, optimized, and multimodal model. It is available in three different sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano.

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However, other competitors exist in the market. Regardless, Google is expected to maintain its top spot thanks to its top-notch services.

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