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Law Firm Representing Donald Trump Withdraws, Citing Breakdown in Relationship

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Donald Trump is in the news, and no one is surprised. A court filing shows that a law firm has decided to withdraw its services from the former president. The reason given was a breakdown in relations.

LaRocca, Hornik, Greenberg, Rosen, Kittridge, Carlin, and McPartland is the law firm that has defended Trump’s campaign in various lawsuits dating back to 2016. During this time, the firm helped achieve several settlements and dismissals and was paid close to $3 million.

They were initially offering services in a lawsuit brought by A.J. Delgado, a former top advisor to the former president. Delgado claimed her contract was terminated after she got pregnant. This act, which her superior did, happened during the 2016 campaign. She was the Director of Hispanic Outreach at the time.

Delgado filed the case against Reince Priebus and Trump’s former advisor, Sean Spicer. She claimed she was fired because she got pregnant, which she refers to as discrimination against women. Both parties have pleaded not guilty to the accusation.

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However, they requested late Friday to be removed from the lawsuit. The move was filed after a court ordered the campaign to produce all materials on complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination from the 2016 and 2020 campaigns. However, the defendants have refused to release these documents.

The head lawyer, Jared Blumetti, filed the request at a federal court in Manhattan. Blumetti asked to explain the situation in private to the judge, leaving out any reason for this decision. When a news outlet asked Mr. Blumetti why, he said nothing.

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Trump has other criminal charges, with one in Georgia and two different federal indictments. He is in the third week of a criminal trial in a hush-money case involving the adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Recently, the Supreme Court argued if Trump could be persecuted for acts committed while in office. Additionally, he is appealing two civil cases from the previous year whose judgments were above $500 million in damages.

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We do not know if LaRocca Hornik plans to cut all ties with him, which could include them moving out of their rented space in Trump’s 40 Wall Street skyscraper in midtown Manhattan. However, this type of action is not new. In January 2024, Joe Tacopina, a defense attorney, announced that he would no longer be representing Trump. 

At least four of the previous attorneys defending him in some civil and criminal lawsuits left in 2023, which begs the question of why Trump’s lawyers are leaving him. As Trump’s legal troubles continue, we wonder why his defense team is leaving at such a delicate time.

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