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Kevin Costner Shunned His Son, Liam Costner, Then Set Up a Sizable Trust for Him

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Liam Costner is one of Kevin Costner’s seven children with three different women. 

The Oscar-winner shares Liam with his former lover Bridget Rooney, niece of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ then-owner Dan Rooney. The couple welcomed Liam in November 1996; however, their relationship was brief. 

Kevin is famous as an actor, director, and producer in Hollywood, while Bridget was born into a rich family. They both live famous lives, but the product of their time together, Liam, keeps away from the spotlight. 

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What Happened Between Bridget Rooney and Kevin Costner?

According to reports, Kevin and Bridget’s relationship only lasted months. It happened after the actor divorced his first wife, Cindy Costner. 

Kevin Costner and his first wife Cindy
Kevin Costner and his first wife Cindy (Source: Pinterest)

Kevin divorced Cindy in 1994 after almost two decades of marriage. They shared three kids. Although it only lasted months, Bridget knew Kevin was her child’s father once she learned she was pregnant. 

She was 34 and worked at a local TV station in Aspen. In an interview, Bridget claimed that she was 110% certain of who the father was and that she was enjoying her pregnancy.

Liam Costner’s Father Did Not Immediately Accept Him as His

Kevin Costner was sexually involved with Bridget Rooney, but that did not mean he was willing to just accept pregnancy allegations from her. After Liam was born, Kevin did not immediately accept he was his blood. The famous actor had not shown much interest either when Bridget was pregnant. However, his feelings on the matter changed as time passed. 

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Bridget was adamant that Kevin was the father of her child, and she acted on that certainty. She demanded a paternity test, which proved that the actor was, without a doubt, the father of her son. 

With evidence from the paternity test, Kevin finally accepted Liam as his son. Feeling guilty about what had transpired, Kevin set up a trust fund in Liam’s name. He hoped it would make it up, but the gesture did not do much for their relationship. 

Liam only got occasional visits from Kevin while growing up. However, his mother’s presence has been stable in his life. When she discovered she would have a child, Bridget was resolved to go through with it, with or without Kevin. 

She said in an interview: “I’m 34 years old and fortunate to have a baby. I didn’t even think of the A word, only the B word.” 

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A Billionaire Step-Dad Raised Liam Costner

Liam Costner did not always get to spend time with his biological father. However, he did not grow up without a father figure. 

William Koch and Bridget Rooney posing in black
William Koch and Bridget Rooney posing in black (Source: Pinterest)

His mother got romantically involved with William Koch, a wealthy investor, and married him. After they tied the knot, Liam moved into his new home with her, Koch, and his stepsiblings, Charlotte, William, and Robin. 

They lived in a 36,000-square-foot three-story residence on a four-acre land. The home contained a lot of priceless art and was so large that household members had to communicate via intercoms. 

Liam Costner Has Six Siblings

Kevin married again after his divorce from Cindy, and he welcomed three kids, Annie, Lily, and Joe. His second wife was Christine Baumgartner, and they have three kids together, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace. 

Kevin Costner on the red carpet with his second ex-wife Christine Baumgartner
Kevin Costner on the red carpet with his second ex-wife Christine Baumgartner (Source: Pinterest)

Including Liam brings the actor’s total number of children up to seven, with Annie, Lily, and Joe being the three oldest. Liam was the youngest up until Kevin had his kids with Baumgartner. After some time, he and the older Costner siblings started feeling jealous of their younger siblings. 

They started questioning their father’s love for them, but the actor insisted he all loved them equally. He believes the older kids have spent twice as much time with him compared to the younger ones, but even so, his love for them is equal.

His relationship with Liam started rocky, but things have recently smoothened out between the pair, so they have a stable relationship. Kevin has claimed all his kids were raised with love, and since they are all on good terms with him, we’re inclined to believe that. 

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