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Kennedy Family Announce Support for Biden, Step Up Efforts to Help His Campaign

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In the realm of political strategies, the Kennedy family’s participation in President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign raises both intrigue and historical resonance. As Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent candidacy emerges as a potential spoiler, members of the extended Kennedy lineage face the dilemma of safeguarding their legacy amidst political turmoil.

In a recent gathering at the White House, the Kennedys demonstrated a unified front in their support for Biden’s reelection bid. The occasion, coinciding with St. Patrick’s Day, brought together three generations and four branches of RFK Jr.’s relatives, emphasizing familial solidarity in the face of political division.

A senior member of the Kennedy family highlighted the significance of the gathering, emphasizing the importance of timing in their collective efforts. Kennedy’s involvement in the 2024 race is expected to manifest in various forms, from campaign trail appearances to media engagements.

Kerry Kennedy, president of the family foundation, has taken a leading role in organizing their political endeavors against RFK Jr.’s candidacy. The Democratic National Committee has also appointed Mary Beth Cahill, a seasoned political strategist, to counter third-party candidates, further signaling the Kennedys’ alignment with Biden’s campaign.

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While some family members may directly criticize RFK Jr.’s bid, others are more inclined to express support for Biden. Despite differing opinions within the family, there is a prevailing sentiment of concern regarding the potential implications of RFK Jr.’s actions on the Kennedy legacy.

The family’s opposition to RFK Jr.’s presidential aspirations builds upon previous disagreements over his views and political activities. The COVID-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for public scrutiny of RFK Jr.’s dissemination of misinformation, prompting relatives to voice their dissent.

The Kennedy family’s advocacy holds significant sway, as evidenced by the widespread impact of a Rose Garden photograph shared by Kerry Kennedy. The photo amplifies Biden’s campaign message and serves as a testament to the family’s unity in support of the president.

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Beyond political calculations, Biden’s personal connection with the Kennedy family adds depth to their collaboration. During a recent visit to the White House, Biden showcased the influence of Robert F. Kennedy and his family, underscoring the historical significance of their shared values and legacies.

JFK’s election in 1960 was a seismic event for his Irish Catholic family. Biden has called RFK one of his two political heroes, along with Martin Luther King, whose assassinations in 1968 were formative in his own political activism.

Biden served with Ted Kennedy for his entire 36 years in the Senate, once calling him his “tutor” and “guide” when he joined the chamber in 1973 and supporting him after he lost his first wife and infant daughter in a car accident shortly after his election. 

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Even during his interview with special counsel Robert Hur, Biden, as an aside, said he hoped to create a “Biden Center” on the University of Delaware campus similar to the Kennedy Center in Washington.

President Biden’s affection for Ethel Kennedy, RFK Jr.’s mother, is long-standing. He attended her 90th birthday celebration in 2018, spoke by phone with her as president, and sent gifts. 

But the family member cautioned that Mrs. Kennedy is not engaged in current politics including the activities of her son Bobby, saying, “That’s not a discussion we have with her.”

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