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Kardashian Sisters, Kendall and Kylie Didn’t Talk for a Month after Palm Springs Feud

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Things got physical between “KUWTK” stars Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner in an October episode of the show. The repercussion is a month-long feud between the two youngest Kardashian sisters.

The past few weeks have been drama-packed on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and fans of the reality show can’t get enough.

One feud, in particular, left the Kardashian sisters, Kylie and Kendall, at loggerheads. It involved Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, and a would-have-been fun trip to Palm Springs.

In an October episode of the show, an argument stirred between makeup mogul Kylie and her big sister, Kendall Jenner, over a brown dress they both wanted to wear to a drag show. 

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It became heated up later that night when Kylie refused to drop Kendall off at home. Somehow, Gamble ended up in the middle of it all and might have cursed at Kendall in the heat of the moment.

In a follow-up episode, Kendall, 24, addressed the fight in a confessional. The reality star admitted she and her sister had not spoken since the frenzy played out a month ago.

The 24-year-old also noted that she and Kylie never went that long without speaking before. On her part, Kylie insisted the frenzy resulted from a simple miscommunication.

According to her, Kendall misinterpreted her intentions from the start, thereby assuming she planned to drive her home to Beverly Hills. In an attempt to clear the air, things went out of hand, she added.

The night ended with a vow from Kendall never to speak to her little sister again

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The 22-year-old eventually let her sister out at a gas station, prompting Kendall’s breakdown as Kylie and Gamble zoomed off. While Kendall believes Gamble took Kylie’s side and even used curse words at her during the altercation, Kylie insisted otherwise.

She insinuated that Gamble only tried to break them off when they started smacking each other. Either way, the night ended with a vow from Kendall never to speak to her little sister again. And she has kept to her words so far.

Kylie is also adamant with the reconciling process despite attempts from Kim and Khloe Kardashian to settle their differences. The 22-year-old mostly reacts to her sisters’ interventions with bouts of screaming.

Last month, the older Kardashian sisters disclosed their decision to stay out of Kylie and Kendall’s fight during an episode of their family reality show. However, watching the ruckus extend for weeks made it difficult to stick to their resolve.

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Although the trio, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, who rode in another car, did not witness the fight, they sympathized with Kendall’s plight. They also described Kylie and Gamble’s actions as illogical and perhaps influenced by alcohol.

Notwithstanding, the sisters refused to pick sides, with Khloe stating it was not going to achieve anything. They would rather stay out of it and let Kylie and Kendall figure it out.

With the little spark igniting into a month-long feud, perhaps an intervention is long overdue.

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