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Kanye West’s New Crib has Left Fans Guessing: Inside His 3651 Square Feet Home Across the Street from Kim’s

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“KUWTK” stars Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just went from being mere exes and co-parents to next-block neighbors thanks to the rapper’s new 3651 sq. ft crib in Hidden Hills.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce has brought along lots of drama and speculations. But the exes have remained a part of each other’s lives in some subtle ways, trying their best to offer their kids the closest thing to a complete family.

And it seems the friendly exes have become even friendlier, going by the latest update in their post-split drama. More specifically, the pair have become neighbors!

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Kanye West | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Reports show that the father of four, Kanye West purchased a new house in Calabasas, shortly after his ex-wife bought him out of their shared Hidden Hills estate.

Interestingly, the home is located only a stone’s throw from Kim’s estate, where she resides with their four children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

Kanye West’s Property

Since moving out of their shared Hidden Hills estate post-divorce, Kanye has made it clear he had no intentions of staying away from his kid’s life or even their mom.

He purchased a home in Malibu in September 2021, where he has resided ever since. However, to get even closer to his family, he made the ultimate move in December 2021, purchasing another property right across the street from his ex’s.

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Kanye West's new home is right across the street from Kim's | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Sources confirmed the rap mogul scooped up the Calabasas’ home as soon as it hit the market at $4.5 million.

The music legend reportedly paid $421,000 above the asking price of his new crib just to ensure no one out-bided him.

An Inside Look At Ye’s Crib

Kanye West's new Hidden Hills property | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Kanye West’s $4.5 million crib, although in need of a pimp, is more than meets the eyes. Sitting on 1.07 acre of land, the 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom Hidden Hills property boasts of several eye-catching facilities that put it in league with other luxury properties in the Calabasas neighborhood.

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The property was reportedly listed for sale for the first time in 67 years, at $4.079 million and Kanye wasted no time scooping it off the market on December 20.

A Glimpse At The Luxurious Exteriors

Kanye West’s new crib boasts of a large outdoor swimming pool lined with flowers and trees which serve both decorative and shading purposes. The pool spans the entire length of one side of the property which houses the entrance to the family room.

A large tree sits in front of the property | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

An adjoining equestrian ranch also adds to the building aesthetics, giving it a modern feel with a contemporary touch. Kanye’s new home also boasts of an expansive front yard, with a large tree serving as the focal point right in front of the home.

Reports show the same owners have occupied the property since 1955, making no major changes to the initial setup.

However, they have done some renovations over the years, including the addition of a drought-resistant AstroTurf to replace the front lawn.

A draught-resistant astro turf replaces the front lawn | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Leading directly into the house from the rear is a narrow concrete pathway flanked on each side by a well-kept grassy patch.

3651 Square Feet of Luxury

The crib itself is a 3651 building, comprising several sections and detached structures. Aside from the living area which occupies the bulk of the structure, the house boasts of a stable for three horses, a two-car detached garage, and the guest quarters.

A narrow pathway leading directly into the home | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Interestingly, the stable comes complete with a tack room and hay storage connected directly to the large paddock for horses.

Peep The Interiors

Notably, the interior of the 67-year-old property is a far cry from what the Kardashian-West clan are used to. In addition to the clear signs of aging plaguing the interiors, the layout and decors are quite modest.

The floor is lined with shaggy beige carpets and stunning hardwood that has managed to retain its shine to date. Additionally, the vintage-wood paneling and cabinets across the home give off the same impressive aura.

A sable
Image: Pinterest

Kanye West’s crib consists of five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen with an adjoining dining area, a formal living space, and the family room sporting sliding doors and an extravagant fireplace.

Why Did Kanye Move To Kim’s Block

Kanye West has been open about his intentions to get his ex-wife “running back” to him and hopefully, piece his family back together.

Coincidentally, the purchase of his latest pad came shortly after he publicly begged Kim Kardashian to “run back” to him during his Larry benefit concert.

Before that, he left the media wondering, “who is Kanye West’s wife” after he made a statement claiming SNL forced his “wife” to say she divorced him. Before his comment, many believed the icon and Kim had gone their separate ways for good and were officially singles.

The front yard | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

While the hip-hop mogul reportedly purchased the home in hopes of staying close to his kids, sources reveal he has no plans of moving in anytime soon. His reason is not far-fetched, as the home is noticeably in need of major renovations.

A source disclosed the icon intended to tear down the structure completely and build his preferred structure from scratch.

Such a process could be time-consuming as it requires several paperwork and permits. But trust Kanye to pull it off. 

Meanwhile, he would continue living in his $57.3 million Malibu mansion, which he acquired in September as he awaits his grand move to Hidden Hills.

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