Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Kamala Harris Bashed After Fox News Anchor Revealed That She Called Democrat Mayors “Liars”

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VP Kamala Harris was the talk of the town on Thursday, November 30, and for the wrong reasons. The former California Senator faced a barrage of bashing after a report about a recent interview she had become popular knowledge. 

Fox News's Jesse Watters and Kamala Harris
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Fox News Anchor Jesse Watters brought the interview into focus and dissected several aspects of it. Amongst other things, Mr. Waters accused the number 2 citizen of branding democrat mayors as liars. 

The interview in question was the 12th annual DealBook Summit. The summit, hosted by the New York Times, had a session with the Vice President and one of the media company’s star columnists, Andrew Ross Sorkin. 

In an X (formerly Twitter) post on November 30, Watters posted a video clip of his Fox News show, Watters World. In the clip, Watters X-rayed the Kamala Harris interview alongside a public affairs analyst, Tomi Lahren. 

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“Kamala Harris just called every Democrat mayor a liar and then she played the race card!” was part of the video’s caption. The video, which has been viewed 95k times, began with a highly critical monologue from Watters. 

“The White House taking Kamala Harris out of hibernation. They yanked her away from her college tour after the Hamas attack,” Watters revealed. Mrs Harris had kicked off a multi-state college tour in September. 

The White House planned the tour to energize young voters by discussing issues of interest with them. The tour was meant to boost Biden’s chances of re-clinching the presidential seat in 2024. 

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According to Watters, the tour was suspended because of its timing. Any election-related campaign would raise concerns during a period of global unrest about the Israeli-Hamas war. “I mean, you can’t have Kamala out there talking to a bunch of college kids during the war,” Watters reasoned. 

The Fox News Anchor then drew attention to an answer the VP gave to one of the questions in the interview. Sorkin had asked Harris if the Biden administration was providing adequate assistance to the migrant-burdened cities. Harris’s answer was “Yes,” in contrast to the opinions of the mayors of affected cities, including democrats. 

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“That’s right, Kamala just called every Democrat mayor a liar. I wonder what the next question would be,” he commented. “It’s got to be something about Joe’s age and she’s got to have a better answer this time,” he mocked. 

Watters and Lahren berated the VP for her abysmal performance in the office, especially during her interactions with the press and the American people. 

Lahren joked that Harris was the perfect choice for VP because she made Joe Biden look good. 

The comments on Watter’s posts were full of knocks for the VP. “Does she know that’s her party?” one user queried. “I believe that both, Biden & Harris, are totally braindead, neither one of them should be in charge of this Country,” another user quipped. 

As President Biden is set to run for re-election next year, political analysts have wondered if he will retain his VP. Many people believe that her poor performance will make Biden’s VP choice difficult. 

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