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Kadence Clover Hawk: She Is Following Her Father’s Iconic Pro Steps

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Fans of skating worldwide know who Tony Hawk is, but some may be unaware that the Pro skater is also a big family man with four kids, including Kadence Clover Hawk. 

Tony shares Kadence with Lhotse Merriam. She is not as famous as her father, so skating fans may not know she also follows in his footsteps. 

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Keep reading to find out more about Kadence and the life she lives. 

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk. (Source: Pinterest)

Kadence Clover Hawk Background

Tony Hawk’s daughter Kadence was born in La Jolla, California, in 2008. Given her dad’s passion for skating, it is unsurprising that his daughter also inherited an affinity for it. 

Kadence has been skateboarding since she was a young child. She often appears on her father’s social media page, showcasing her skills with the board. 

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Kadence is still a young kid but has already amassed a significant following on social media. She has also been featured in skateboarding magazines in recognition of her skills. 

Those around her have described Kadence as a determined, modest person with a great sense of humor. Her father thinks she also has the rare trait of treating everyone equally, which, according to him, is something she inherited from him. 

Kadence Clover Hawk’s Relationship With Tony Hawk 

Tony Hawk loves skateboarding — almost as much as he loves his daughter. The pair are known to share a great bond they often showcase. The doting father has described his daughter as a “sarcastic” and “funny” lady he treasures. 

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Tony enjoys spending time with his daughter, which is why they have such a strong bond. In the past, he shared videos of Kadence getting past her fear of skateboarding, and they have since become viral sensations on the internet.

One of the videos was shared in 2019 and captured Kadence Clover Hawk poised nervously on her skateboard at the edge of a ramp. Her father stood a few feet away, there for guidance as he watched Kadence getting ready to skate down the ramp on her own.

In his caption, he revealed she had been nervous at the time but not as much as he was. 

Tony Hawk with Kadence
Tony Hawk with Kadence. (Source: Pinterest)

Kadence Clover Hawk Siblings 

Including Kadence, Tony Hawk has four kids. His first child is a son named Hudson Hawk. He is the product of Tony’s first marriage to Cindy Dunbar and goes by his middle name, Riley. He followed in his father’s footsteps. 

Riley is also a pro skater. However, he’s known for a different style than his father. Besides skating, he plays guitar and sings in a band called Warish. He is not very active on social media. He used to have an Instagram account but reportedly deleted it in early 2022. 

Before deleting it, he often posted about Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Tony’s other two kids are products of his relationship with his second wife, Erin Lee. Their names are Spencer and Keegan. 

Unlike Kadence and Riley, Spencer is not into skateboarding. He was born in 1996 and allegedly made music under the name Gupi. As for Keegan, who was born in July 2001, he works as a landscape photographer, according to his Instagram. 

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk. (Source: Pinterest)

Keegan said he was “raised skating,” but his passions are landscape photography and videography. He goes by “keeganhawkskate” on Instagram, and his page is mainly filled with beautiful shots. 

How Does Tony Keegan Feel About Kadence Skating?

Tony Hawk made a name for himself through skating, but he has expressed doubt he wants Kadence to make it a career. He once revealed that he believes his daughter only enjoys it as something they did together. 

He said: “I think she enjoys it more as an activity for us to do together. She doesn’t have many friends who skate; she doesn’t get into it as deep as my other kids.”

Who Is the Mother of Kadence Clover Hawk?

Kadence was welcomed by Tony Hawk and his former wife, Lhotse Merriam. 

Are Any of Tony Hawk’s Kids Skateboarders?

Only three of Tony Hawk’s four kids have expressed genuine interest in skating. They include Riley, Keegan, and Kadence. 

Spencer is not interested in skating. His musical career is well underway; given some time, he may become a massive success like Jay-Z, Eminem, and Avicii. 

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