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Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause Post-Divorce Drama: Every Time The Exes Seemed to throw Shade at Each Other

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The relationship between Chrishell Stause and ex-husband Justin Hartley ended on a sad note in 2019. Since their messy divorce, the former couple has been at loggerheads, taking subtle jabs at each other across media platforms.

While it lasted, Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley’s romance made them one of the most envied Hollywood pair.

The duo became a couple shortly after meeting on the set of the soap opera, “All My Children,” where Chrishell co-starred alongside Justin Hartley’s then-wife Lindsay Hartley. They tied the knot in October 2017, four years after their relationship kicked off.

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The duo spent the next two years gushing about each other, accompanying each other on set and dishing out behind-the-scenes love languages for everyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Things came crumbling unexpectedly in November 2019, shortly after their second wedding anniversary. Stause famously received the news of their divorce filing via a text from Hartley, merely 45 minutes before the rest of the world found out.

Their split came as a surprise, as until then, everyone thought the twosome a match made in heaven. In fact, their relationship seemed stronger than ever hours prior, when the pair worked together to auction coffee, all smiles, at a fundraiser.

Yet, many remained hopeful the two would reconcile. Interestingly, court documents listed their date of separation as July 2019, a fact that remains widely disputed given their numerous public appearances as a couple after the said date.

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Their divorce was followed by a heated tussle as the once lovey-dovey pair seemed to become sworn enemies overnight. While Stause kept posting cryptic messages seemingly referring to her ex-husband, the “This Is Us” actor deleted all signs of their relationship from his feed.

They Moved On Just As Fast

Things became more heated when Hartley hooked up with their mutual friend Sofia Pernas barely months later, a move no one saw coming – especially not Stause. Photos of the 45-year-old kissing the former “Young And Restless” star first surfaced in May 2020. In March 2021, the actor married his new love interest, Pernas.

This further increased the tension between Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause. The “Selling Sunset” star, who admittedly felt betrayed, went on to date “DWTS” co-star Keo Motsepe.

Following their split, she moved on to Netflix co-star Jason Oppenheim. However, their relationship fizzled off just as fast, seemingly rekindling the cold war that’s been brewing between her and Hartley.

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It seems the media has become the willing war front for the feuding exes, who have engaged the world these past years with their back and forth online tussle. While not addressing each other directly, the weight of their masked grievances can be easily felt in their subtle shade, however minute.

That said, here is every time Justin Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley seemed to throw shade at each other since their messy split and supposed “moving on.”

Out Of The Way

Chrishell Stause also reassured the world of her willingness to move up from thereon. It didn’t take long for fans to figure out the exact point in her life she was referring to.

Stause joined the cast of “Dancing With The Stars” in September 2020. During the show, the star joked about her crazy road, up until that point. She reflected on how she already fell on her face once in front of America and had nothing else to lose since “that” was out of the way.

Trying Not To Be An Outcast

In the wake of the revelation of Hartley’s romance with Pernas in October 2020, Stause took another jab at her ex-husband. Speaking to interviewers, she went candid about how heartbreaking it could be for anyone to be quickly and easily replaced.

She also admitted how much it stung to be in such a position. Going further, the 40-year-old noted that despite how painful it felt to see Hartley moving on, she had no intention of trying to be somewhere she wasn’t wanted. This admission was perhaps one of the most direct attacks on her failed relationship with Hartley.

Deserving Better

In her memoir “Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took A Little Work,” the author addressed her failed marriage. She admitted it was difficult to convince someone in love that a relationship wasn’t right even if “he’s waving red flags like a bullfighter.”

Explaining further, she pointed out that relationships could turn toxic over time. Yet, being in love has a way of making someone oblivious to any impending danger, and too distracted to listen.

Being In A Better Place

Stause and Jason Oppenheim went public with their relationship in July 2021, after an adventurous glide through the dating pool. Notably, the revelation followed the actress’ split from Motsepe and Hartley’s marriage to Pernas two months prior.

The fourth season of “Selling Sunset” proved to be the perfect outlet for the icon to reflect on her journey so far. She admitted to being in a better place than she ever had, and how empowering it felt to be a better version of herself. Stause also noted she finally found her voice.

Going further, the author revealed she had no anger left when it came to her failed marriage, and wouldn’t care less if Hartley married “50 wives.”

What mattered was that she finally found the freedom to live her best life, and wished he’d do the same. She added:

“Once you know something wasn’t right, whether it was your decision or not, now, you are where you’re meant to be.”

In the same interview, the Netflix personality let the world in on her new mantra, which was, “out with the old… In with the new.”

Hard To Remember The Old

In December 2021, following Stause’s breakup from Oppenheim, Hartley seemed to find the right front to take a jab at his ex-wife(s) and their time spent married.

During an interview, the Hollywood heartthrob gushed about how incredible it was to finally be with someone without “forcing it,” and how marriage didn’t have to be “that hard.”

The icon, once married to Lindsay Korman, went on to note he had no recollection of what life felt like before marrying Sofia. Notably, it took him two failed marriages to finally find the right person. Since then, it’s all been wonderful.

Not Anymore

2022 ushered in a new phase in the former couples’ lives, with Justin Hartley focused on building a family with his new wife, while Stause navigated the dating waters.

Appearing on “Watch What Happens Next With Andy Cohen” in February 2022, the “All My Children” alum implied she was done with anything related to her ex-husband.

While she did not make the assertion directly, she firmly replied “not anymore” when asked if she still watched her ex-husband’s show, “This Is Us.”

Who could blame the actress? After all, navigating and overcoming a perceived betrayal doesn’t happen in a day. On the contrary, it takes time.

Here’s to hoping these former Hollywood sweethearts get over their differences and move on for real.

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