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Joke: An Old Man’s Experience with Two Men in a Car

Two men fleeing from the rain ended up trapped after driving into a pool of mud, with only an old man in sight to come to their rescue.

There was once a party in the woods, attended by young dignitaries eager to live their lives to the fullest. Suddenly, the clouds turned dark and began pouring heavily, interrupting the fun fest.

The rain sent everyone in attendance scampering to find shelter. Two of the guests made for their car immediately, which was about ten minutes away.

Two of the men made for their car immediately | Image: Unsplash
Two of the men made for their car immediately | Image: Unsplash

Upon reaching the vehicle, they jumped in immediately, grateful to be free from the horrid weather at last. The men ignited the car, and set out on their way back home, still consuming their leftover beers from the interrupted party.

Before long, an old man’s face popped up outside the window on the passenger side of the vehicle. The stranger rapped lightly on the window, startling both men. The passenger recoiled in fear, before screaming:

“Oh my God! Look at my window! There’s an old guy’s face there! Is that a ghost?!”

The other man looked skeptical as the light tapping continued. When he could no longer take it, he prompted the passenger to open the window and find out what the old man wanted.

They set out on their way back home | Image: Unsplash
They set out on their way back home | Image: Unsplash

The passenger obliged, rolled down the window halfway without attempting to mask his fear. He then asked the old man:

“What do you want?”

The old man replied:

“Do you have any tobacco?”

The terrified passenger relayed the stranger’s request to the driver, who said in response:

“Well offer him a cigarette. Hurry!”

Again, the passenger obliged, handing the old man a cigarette with shaky hands. As soon as the strange man accepted the cigarette, the passenger uttered “step on it” and immediately rolled up the window in relief.

The two men in the car were left wondering how the old man managed to catch up with them despite their driving speed. Grateful to have rid themselves of him for good, they started the engine again to continue their journey.

Soon enough, they heard another tap on the window and found the old man standing there again, to their dismay. Filled with fear, the passenger rolled down the window again and asked the intruder what he wanted.

They found the old man standing there | Image: Unsplash
They found the old man standing there | Image: Unsplash

This time, the old man requested for a lighter, which the passenger threw at him eagerly, yelling:

“Step on it!”

The passenger rolled up the widow, now more afraid than ever. He urged the driver to drive even faster, to ensure they lost the intruder for good.

Minutes later, they heard more knocking and sighted the old man yet again. 

“O my God! He’s back.” The passenger screamed.

The two terrified men stopped the vehicle. Turning to the stranger calmly, they stammered:

“What do you want.”

The two terrified men stopped the vehicle | Image: Unsplash
The two terrified men stopped the vehicle | Image: Unsplash

Without blinking an eyelid, the old man replied:

“You want some help getting out of the mud?”


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During his glamorous wedding reception, a 60-year-old man explained to his envious friends how he hitched a 23-year-old beauty.

An old millionaire decided to host a lavish reception following his wedding to a 23-year-old beautiful woman. Most of his guests, also within his age range, could not help but admire their friend’s good fortune.

Image: Unsplash

At the peak of the celebration, a group of friends circled him to extend their heartfelt congratulations. While admiring his latest feat, one of them voiced out his confusion, asking the millionaire how he managed to land himself a young, beautiful bride. With a smile, the old man replied:

“It’s simple. I lied about my age”

Stunned, his friends asked:

“By how much?”

“Well, I said I was 87,” the 60-year-old man replied with a wicked grin, obviously pleased with himself.


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