Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Were Once One of the Cutest Couple in Hollywood — Inside Their Relationship Leading up to Their Divorce

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For over a decade, Hollywood icons, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner appeared to be the perfect pair destined in heaven. The announcement of their split in 2015 came as a shock to fans, who, until then, looked up to them as the typical model couple.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were the ultimate relationship goals for years. From their first hook up in 2004 to their marriage a year later, and welcoming three adorable little ones, the couple remained A-listers in the world of Hollywood romance.

Then came their split in 2015, followed by the official divorce almost three years later. Despite the annulment of their marriage, Garner and Affleck strived to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship, raising their three kids as a family.

Jennifer Garner and Been Affleck | Image: YouTube/US Weekly
Jennifer Garner and Been Affleck | Image: YouTube/US Weekly

For a while, the former lovebirds appeared to have moved on with other love interests, leaving behind their romantic history. However, their relationship made the headlines once again in early-2020, following Affleck’s unexpected confession about their divorce. With the media craze surrounding Affleck’s statement, it just might be time for a rethink.


The Hollywood pair first met while filming the 2001 movie, “Pearl,” and again a year later on-set of “Daredevil,” 2002. Admittedly, sparks flew between them during their earlier encounters, but the two were hooked with other partners.

Jennifer Garner and Been Affleck as Matt and Elektra in "Dare Devil" | Image: YouTube/FHEfox connect
Jennifer Garner and Been Affleck as Matt and Elektra in “Dare Devil” | Image: YouTube/FHEfox connect

Jennifer Garner was at the time married to actor Scott Foley, while Affleck was singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé. Following their respective splits from former love interests, the two hooked up instantly, beginning a blissful relationship.

The two got engaged in April 2005 with Garner pregnant with their first child. By June that same year, they tied the knot in a secret ceremony on Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands.

During their years together, Jennifer Garner dedicated her time to helping her husband overcome his alcohol addiction. He went through at least three rehabilitation stints to break the habit. 

The duo also welcomed three new additions, Violet Anne, in December 2005, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, in January 2009, and a son, Samuel, born February 2012.


Their union lasted ten Christmases, before eventually going south. Several news outlets speculated that their marital crisis resulted from an affair between Ben Affleck and his children’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

However, Garner spoke up months later, debunking the speculations. She divulged in an interview that they already made their decision to part ways long before she heard of an affair with their nanny.

Despite the clarification, Garner and Affleck went through with the divorce, finalizing it in October 2018.


Two years after, Affleck opened up about his regrets over his split from Garner, the mother of his kids.

Jennifer Garner and Been Affleck | Image: YouTube/US Weekly
Jennifer Garner and Been Affleck | Image: YouTube/US Weekly

The 47-year-old actor revealed in an interview with the New York Times that he did lots of regrettable things in his life. He reflected on his past alcohol addiction, which Garner helped him overcome finally in 2018. He went on to share how his habits led to his divorce from ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Going further, Affleck added that the biggest mistake of his life was the divorce. 

Despite his regrets, the father-of-three isn’t one to dwell on past mistakes and failures. He chose instead to pick himself up, learn from past regrets, and try to move on.


These days, Ben Affleck is filling a new post as Hollywood’s best father. While being a good dad, going on family outings with his ex-wife and kids, and being a constant presence in their lives, the entertainment icon has also moved forward in the romantic department.

Ben Affleck’s love life has progressed significantly, with the actor sustaining a serious relationship with Cuban actress Ana De Armas. Affleck and De Armas have been an item since their first meeting on the set of “Deep Waters,” in 2019.

Although the two are getting serious, the Cuban actress is yet to officially meet Affleck’s kids until they establish some sort of relationship stability.


Garner has also moved on to new love interests since her time with Ben Affleck. First, she began a relationship with business tycoon, John Miller, in 2018. Jennifer Garner’s relationship with Miller lasted a little over a year, before their rumored split in early 2020.

In August 2020, the actress became linked to actor Bradley Cooper. Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper were spotted together in public on multiple occasions, raising speculations of a romance between them. However, neither of the stars have confirmed the speculations.