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Jeannie Mai has Shared that Breastfeeding is the Hardest Part of Motherhood: Inside Her Journey So Far

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Jeannie Mai Jenkins is steadily getting accustomed to the mom life, and while she kept it real on social media, it has not been easy going through the changes she has experienced. 

Mai recently took to her Instagram page, letting fans know the hardest part of motherhood. However, this is hardly the first time she has chucked up the courage to talk about motherhood on social media. Here’s how her journey has been so far. 

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Jeannie Welcomes Her First Child

In January 2022, Jeannie Mai Jenkins and her rapper husband Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins welcomed their first child together. This came almost ten months after the couple tied the knot.

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Jeannie took to her Instagram page, where she posted a baby bassinet right from her hospital room. While there seemed to be no baby in the bassinet, there was a shawl with footprints pattern and baby tag with the family name, Jenkins. The new mom wrote in her caption:

“I asked God for a life of love and happiness. He sent me my family. Baby Jenkins is here.”

In weeks following the baby’s birth, Jeannie revealed her newborn was named Monaco, after a city dear to her heart. She would also later share that her child was a baby girl. 

Jennie Mai Jenkins On Motherhood

The fashion expert has been reveling in her new status as a mom, but she has also been learning and opening up about the challenges of parenthood. Known for her realness, Jeannie revealed to E! that motherhood was more than what she envisioned or what she prepared for. 

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She referred to childbirth as a “full-time job” that required the parents to be present at all times. Jeannie has her mom and spouse Jeezy showing utmost support, but she still felt inadequate. 

In the same vein, the “How Do I Look” alum took to Instagram sharing the few motherhood nuggets and tips she gathered. She posted a photo of herself a few weeks after birth while introducing fellow mums to the Frida Mom briefs. 

The “Stopping Traffic” actress stated to E! that she shared the most at a time when she was most insecure because she still has the swollen after-birth tummy. Jeannie did not think her stomach would bulge that much but did not mind being open about it. 

Breastfeeding Is Taking Its Toll

Early in March 2022, Jeannie Mai Jenkins was on her Instagram page for another eye-opening moment. She shared two photos showing her in the complete state of being a new mom.

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The 43-year-old sat in an armchair while she pumped milk for her baby. The star was clad in a pair of gray pants and a tube top suited solely to pump milk. Two bottles and pipes extended from the machine down to her chest.

Jeannie has tired eyes, but the radiance of her skin was hard to miss. While the image might have looked like an easy task, Jeannie begged to differ in her caption. She penned:

“Been tackling this breastfeeding thing for two months. Listening to a lactation nurse, reading advice online, and getting so much help from other moms. Hands down, it’s been the most difficult part of this entire mom journey.”

Jeannie stated that she got a heads up that breastfeeding was challenging, but the forewarning still didn’t prepare her enough. She stated that breastfeeding was more difficult than giving birth for her. 

The mom-of-one chronicled her breastfeeding experience from the first time Monaco had colostrum to the 15 minutes intervals she was asked to let the little one latch. Jeannie stated that the routine of pumping milk and taking supplements took its toll on her. 

Being A Girl Mom

Despite the changes that have overwhelmed the “Dancing With The Stars” alum, Jeannie is enthralled by being a girl mom. While speaking to her fellow “The Real” hosts in January, the star gushed about her new role as a girl mom. 

She sweetly talked about all her imagination about bonding with her daughter just like she did with her mother. Jeannie added that she intended to teach Monaco all she did not learn as a little girl. 

The Hollywood star clarified that she would have loved the baby regardless of gender, but being a girl mom made her feel “chosen.” Jeannie Mai Jenkins has come a long way with deciding on motherhood, and now that she has a child, she can’t wait to share the beautiful moments with her mini-me. 

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