Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Jared Leto Climbs the Empire State Building In His Latest Adventure!

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Jared Leto usually makes the news for several reasons, most of them being related to the film industry. However, he recently made headlines for going to great heights to promote his band’s next tour. 

A picture of Jared Leto climbing the Empire State Building
Source: BBC

In his most recent adventure, Leto decided to climb the mighty 1,454-foot building to raise awareness for the forthcoming world tour of his band Thirty Seconds To Mars. Now, the actor and musician is the first to scale the 102-story Empire State Building legally. 

The 51-year-old climbed outside of the New York landmark in a bright orange jumpsuit, using a rope and harness.

As expected, this challenge was not an easy one for him. It took several months of planning and preparation with his team to finally choose an attempted date of November 9, 2023. 

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It also took a lot of physical training and gym sessions to achieve the endurance Leto needed for this feat. According to some sources, he also needed some dietary changes to help him build core strength.

With all the changes and work required to climb the historical landmark, it is no surprise that no one has done this before. 

In an interview with NBC’s Today Show, the actor spoke briefly about his experience climbing the building. He said, “I was more excited than nervous to tell you the truth. But I have to be honest, it was very, very hard. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Just the endurance that it took, the stamina that it took, and it was very sharp.”

Without a doubt, this record-breaking achievement helped Jared Leto get a lot of attention. Since he climbed the building, most people are talking about that. It quickly went viral on social media, and everyone is asking: “Why did he climb the Empire State Building and not any other national landmark?”

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Leto answered this mind-boggling question in a press release sent out by Live Nation. He said, “Having always been fascinated with the incredible landmark since I was a child, the building is a testament to all the things that can be done in the world if we put our minds to it, which is largely the inspiration behind our most recent album, It’s the End of the World, But It’s a Beautiful Day.'”

“To watch the sunrise overlooking the city that’s meant so much to me. Ever since I was a kid, New York stood for the place that you went to make your dreams come true,” he said. 

He concluded: “I made it to the top, and I saw my mother in the window of the 80th floor, and that was a nice surprise.”

Leto’s band will begin its first headline tour in five years in Buenos Aires in March 2024. Fans around the world know them for hits such as “Kings and Queens,” “The Kill,” and “This is War.”

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Millions of fans are excited to see them on tour, and Leto’s incredible feat has only added to their excitement. 

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