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Is Owen Wilson Married? A Look Inside His Romantic History

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Despite his various romantic escapades that send controversial thoughts among fans, the question remains, is Owen Wilson married?

Besides his multiple film performances, Owen Wilson’s romantic life has always been a topic of discussion in the entertainment industry. This is because of the multiple women the actor linked with in the past. It is also not breaking news that the “Darjeeling” actor is one of the most talked about stars with a history of reckless, romantic trips and failed relationships. 

Is Owen Wilson married
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Around 2005 and 2008, Owen’s industrious romances got him the nickname The Butterscotch Stallion.  The name stemmed from the news about a celebrity who licked his date’s butthole for two hours. However, Owen confessed to being the subject of the acclaimed “blind item.”

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Still, despite his notoriety among the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Owen has never stuck long enough with any. Although he regularly gets me mentioned in Hollywood relationship gossip, the actor’s romantic life has always snuck under the radar. While he speaks fondly of his role as a father, Owen is very tight-lipped about his romantic life.

Is Owen Wilson Married? 

Owen is undoubtedly a very talented actor who can play various roles perfectly. However, despite his popularity among women and his romances with several top stars in the industry, Owen has never been married. Also, the actor has not mentioned anything about his romantic life. However, an insider told The U.S. Sun:

“Owen would like another chance at romance — one that would go the distance — and he’s hopeful the right woman will come along. But until she does, he’s totally content being a single dad.”

Meanwhile, the actor is a father of three children from his past relationships. His three kids, however, are in their mother’s custody, while Owen does what he can as the father figure in their lives. While he may not be married at present, Owen has dated a slew of top actresses in the entertainment industry.

Owen Wilson’s Past Romances 

Sheryl Crow

Is Owen Wilson married
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Owen’s first popular relationship was with the beautiful singer and actress Sheryl Crow. The pair he dated for about 2 years after they first crossed paths in 1999 on the set of the movie, “The Minus Man.” In the film, Owen starred as a serial killer while Sheryl was his first victim. Still, their short character partnership in “The Minus Man” generated a spark between the two stars.

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Shortly after they first met on set, they started a romantic relationship. Without hiding their love chemistry from the world, the pair attended various special events together. Sadly, the union only lasted for about two years before the duo called it quits.

Kate Hudson 

Is Owen Wilson married
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A few years after his relationship with Sheryl ended,  Owen found love again with actress Kate Hudson. The two met on the set of the 2006’s “You, Me, Dupree” and began dating almost immediately but kept it out of the headlines for a while. However, it was not easy to hide such a union for too long from the media. 

The pair were soon pictured walking the beach in Australia where Kate was filming the movie “Fool’s Gold.” Their relationship also peaked during Kate’s birthday in New York, where the pair kissed. They also went on a romantic trip to Hawaii before Kate joined Owen at the Dallas premiere of his film “The Wendell Baker Story.” Sadly, the two broke up just before the Memorial Day weekend in 2007

Jade Duell

Owen’s next love adventure was with a government official, Jade Duell, and they dated for 2 years. During their relationship, Owen became a father for the first time after Jade got pregnant and gave birth to their son, Robert Ford Wilson. The two reportedly lived together in Maui months before they welcomed their first child.

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A few days before Jade put to bed, “The Royal Tennenbaums” star announced that he would soon be a father. Although most people thought Jade was still weeks away, a rep confirmed she gave birth five days after Owen first mentioned it. Sadly, the couple called it quits just five months after welcoming their son.

Caroline Lindqvist

In 2013, many major news outlets broke the news that Owen was expecting a baby with his personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist. Caroline was still married to her surgeon husband, Ritu Chopra, at the time, although they were separated. According to reports, Caroline was shocked to learn she was pregnant; she, however, decided to keep the baby.

Caroline and Owen reportedly met in 2003 before they dated on and off for many years. The two thereafter got close because of their love for working out together. Still, the pregnancy did not change much between the pair. Owen promised to be physically and financially involved but had no plans to marry Caroline. The pair later welcomed a son named Finn. 

Varunie Vongsvirates

Although the specifics of Varunie and Owen’s relationship are unclear, the ex-lovers reportedly dated on and off for almost 5 years. However, their relationship became front-page news when they welcomed a daughter, Lyla Aranya Wilson, on October 9, 2018. However, the pair stirred up controversies after Owen demanded a paternity test.

Nevertheless, the result confirmed Owen as the biological father. Still, the drama did not end there, as Varunie recently declared that Owen has never met his daughter since her birth. Although Owen cares for his two older sons, Robert and Finn, he has neglected his third child. Hopefully, the actor will have a change of heart and meet his beautiful daughter one day soon.

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