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Is Maya Hawke Gay? Facts You Should Know

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Maya Hawke is a multi-talented American actress, model, and songwriter born to Hollywood actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. She was a teenager when she launched her modeling career as the face of the British brand, All Saints.

Maya has also modeled for Calvin Klein and Vogue, after which she made her screen debut in a BBC adaptation of “Little Women” in 2017. The stunning actress gained recognition for starring as Robin in the popular Netflix Series “Stranger Things.” This led to the question, is Maya Hawke gay?

Since her breakout role in the Netflix Series, Maya Hawke’s sexuality has been controversial, and fans, interviewers, and Hollywood stars alike have been curious to know. Although the talented actress and model is famous for her lesbian roles on-screen, fans want to know if she is one in real life.

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So, is Maya Hawke gay?

A picture of Maya Hawke modeling for Calvin Klein
A beautiful picture of the stunning actress during a shoot for Calvin Klein. (Source: Instagram/maya_hawke)

Is Maya Hawke Queer?

Asides from playing lesbian roles in films and series, the “Stranger Things” star has admitted to interviewers severally that she’s Queer. In a 2022 interview with Vogue, she said:

“I’m queer, I’ve identified queerly for a long time. I’m coming out.” 

Maya Hawke tells Vogue

This interview was followed by speculations online, with fans trying to get their hands on whatever piece of information would put the details of the puzzle together. As if her portrayal of Robin Buckley in “Stranger Things” was not enough to make the media go wild with speculations.

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Is Maya Hawke Gay in Real Life?

No! Maya Hawke is not gay in real life. As good as her portrayal of Robin in “Stranger Things” may be, she is straight. Her real-life sexuality is different from her on-screen character’s sexuality. The talented actress does not seem to share her on-screen character’s sexual preference.

She Uses Traditional Pronouns

Maya Hawke's character, Robin, and her co-stars from Stranger Things.
Maya Hawke’s Character, Robin Buckley, and her co-stars on Netflix’s Stranger Things (Source: Instagram @Maya_hawke)

Hollywood stars who have openly admitted to being queer usually announce a change of pronouns from the traditional He/She to pronouns like It, They/Them, amongst others. Maya Hawke still uses her traditional pronouns, which is a break from the norm. Despite being in the news for her controversial sexuality, she uses “She/Her” pronouns” which are gender specific. 

Who Is Maya Hawke Dating?

Since her breakout role, the Hollywood sweetheart has been in relationships and open about her personal life. She has solely dated men since her rise to stardom, and we know of at least three. Although it is unclear who the star is dating presently, here are some of the men she has dated:

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Maya Hawke Had a Short-term Relationship With Gus Wenner

She dated Gus Wenner, an American magazine executive who is also the chief executive officer of Rolling Stone. The relationship was public, with PDAs flying on social media. However, despite the public relationship, the duo separated shortly after.

She Dated Tom Sturridge

Maya Hawke has also dated other notable figures in Hollywood, like Tom Sturridge. Her relationship with actor Tom Sturridge started after they were spotted on a trip to the Hamptons in July 2020. After being pictured attending multiple events together, the duo confirmed their relationship in August 2020.

Maya and “The Sandman” actor dated from July 2020 to January 2022. No one knows why the two-year relationship came to such an abrupt end. Nevertheless, there were speculations that it may have had to do with their age gap.

Is Maya Hawke in a Relationship With Spencer Barnett?

Yes. After the two-year relationship with Tom Sturridge ended, the actress started dating Spencer Barnett. The two were first pictured kissing last year, and they have since been seen attending events together on red carpets and other public outings.

Like many celebrities, the couple keeps their relationship private. However, they couldn’t resist showing off some PDAs.

Why Does Maya Hawke Act Queer Roles?

A picture of Maya Hawke on the red carpet of Netflix’s “Do Revenge” Premiere. (Source: Instagram @Maya_hawke)

The actress explores her sexuality on-screen as a way to advocate for the acceptance of people who identify as queer. However, this has led to fans questioning Maya Hawke’s sexuality.

The beautiful actress and singer said in an interview that she acts queer scenes in films to support gay people. She added that she hopes that her portrayal of queer characters in movies will help to improve the acceptance of gay and bisexual people in real life.

Maya Hawke is not the only celebrity to have their sexuality questioned. TV personality Ryan Seacrest has been rumored to be gay, but the evidence points to the contrary.

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