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Inside The Complicated and Traumatic Life of One of America’s Greatest Artist, Frank Sinatra

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Frank Sinatra’s music streak was passed on to his son, Frank Sinatra Jr. after his death, but he first ruled the music scene in the 20th century. Frank remains one of the greatest singers and music influences, but the dark side of his personal story and childhood also looms.

Frank Sinatra goes down in the history of entertainment and music in particular as one of those classic music makers whose sounds transcend beyond the constraint of time and season. 

From being one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century to an all-time bestseller, Frank’s legacy resonates until present times. But, while it looked rosy and impressive on the outside, Frank’s childhood was quite traumatic.

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Frank Sinatra jr.
Frank Sinatra. Image: Pinterest

Inside Frank Sinatra’s Childhood

Frank was born many years ago in 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey. His mother had experienced a complicated birth process, and the aftermath left indelible scars.

Frank weighed 13.5 pounds at birth and this must have contributed to the challenges during the time of delivery. First, the doctor had to use forceps to pull him out of his mother’s body.

The forceps cut the new baby on the side of his face and also his ear. When the baby was brought out, the doctor noticed he did not breathe or make any sounds. At this time, his mother was also in a critical condition.

Thinking the baby did not survive, the doctor focused on the mother and tried reviving her. Fortunately for the newborn child, his grandmother was present. 

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While the doctor kept working to keep Frank’s mom alive, his grandmother picked him up, knowing he was unresponsive, she put him in cold water. Frank cried out, and that sole action saved him from being a forgotten child. 

Growing Up Was Not Easy For Frank Sinatra

Frank’s name is indisputably etched in history, and his legacy very well continued through his now late son, Frank Sinatra Jr. Before all that excellent record was made, he endured childhood struggles.

His woes did not end with his almost unfortunate birth. During the christening, the then-new baby was to be named after his father, Martin but was instead named after his Godfather, Frank Garrick. His mom decided then, not to switch names. 

Frank’s mental health was tampered with by his peers as he grew up. Most of the bullying was directed at his physical features, especially his face, which was married from birth. As a result, he had derogatory nicknames such as scarface. He resorted to makeup to conceal the scars. 

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The star was also 5ft7 but wore elevated shoes to make him appear taller. Frank never learned music, but he was determined to make it in that part of the entertainment industry. 

He did not have it easy when he grew way older into his adult years. Frank would later be known for his several attempts at suicide and his failed love life with Ava Gardner.

Frank Sinatra Jr.
Image: Pinterest

Details of Frank Sinatra’s Career 

The “Fly Me To The Moon” crooner started as a saloon singer and even carried his public address system around. Frank later joined a music band, The Hoboken Four.

His career progressed, and part of the credit went to his expert press agent, George Evans. Frank started his solo career in 1942, but he faced a few challenges.

Before gaining his ground, Frank had to employ fangirls to scream during his performances. The fake-it-till-you-make-it facade paid off because the “My Way” crooner soon became well-known among teenage fans.

Frank soon expanded his entertainment niche into Hollywood. His first significant role was in 1945’s “Anchors Aweigh.” This was followed by “The House I Live In,” It earned the star singer a special Oscars. 

His music career dwindled in the 1950s, causing Frank to become depressed. However, his career as a film actor kept progressing. He moved higher in the movie industry and copped a series of prestigious awards. 

Frank Sinatra and Frank Sinatra jr. Image; Pinterest

Frank Sinatra’s Personal Life and Death

The legendary entertainer married Nancy Barbato in 1939, and although they struggled financially at first, the couple found their footing in due time.

They welcomed three children, Frank Sinatra Jr., Nancy Jr., and Tina. Unfortunately, things started to go awry in Frank and Nancy’s marriage, and they split up in 1951. By then, he was already in a relationship with Ava Gardner. 

His and Gardner’s love life was so volatile that the actress chose not to have kids. During their union, Frank’s mental health hit rock bottom, and he attempted suicide three times.

He and Ava Gardner eventually called things off in 1957. He was married two more times to Mia Farrow and Barbara Sinatra. The great singer passed on in 1998 at Cedars-Sinai hospital. The cause of death was a heart attack.

Leading up to his passing, Frank dealt with various health complications that included high blood pressure, heart and breathing problems, and dementia. He died at 84 and was survived by Frank Sinatra Jr., who is now late, and his daughters. 

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